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UK Birthday Cufflinks

Hand-crafted and unique cufflinks for special birthdays

Birthday cufflinks was set up to make handmade individual cufflinks from old and new coins to reflect people's culture, heritage and pride in their association with the country they love. A simple idea executed in a stylish and elegant way, UK Birthday Cufflinks turn vintage and current British coins into hand-crafted, ultra-wearable jewellery for landmark birthdays.

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Great gift ideas from UK Birthday Cufflinks

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Personalised English Coin Cufflinks | Gifts For Men

Personalised English Coin Cufflinks

Simply select the year of his birth and Birthday Cufflinks will hand make a pair of beautiful pair of silver cufflinks using the exact English coins from that year. These hugely...

Price: £44.00-£75.00
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21st Birthday - English 5p Cufflinks | Gifts For Men

21st Birthday - English 5p Cufflinks

The perfect gift for his 21st birthday, these cufflinks feature five-pence coins from the year he was born. More than just a quirky accessory, but a nifty memento from his birth...

Price: £44.00
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English 6p Cufflinks (1928) | Gifts For Men

English 6p Cufflinks (1928)

By George, these original 1928 English sixpense cufflinks are make from 50% real silver! Featuring George V these beautiful cufflinks make a novel accessory for himself on his...

Price: £55.00