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Christening Gifts

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If you're looking for an adorable gift for an adorable new arrival, check out these unique and stylish Christening gifts. We've trawled the web to find gifts for little people that are sure to make a big impression.


The baby may look like an angel on the day of his christening, but even if you know better Christenings are a time for happiness and love, so forget about the time threw up on your Chanel, and bless him with one of these great Christening gifts. (If only to hammer home the point that you don't bear a grudge!)


Classic Christening Gifts

You can't go wrong with a classic Christening gift for the baby, and the good news is you have plenty to choose from. Silver is THE classic Christening gift, but watch out for tacky ornaments that are destined to be stashed in the back of a cupboard and think about whether you'd buy it if it wasn't a Christening gift before you hand over your hard earned cash.


Fun Christening Gifts

What makes babies fun is that they are too small to know or care that their parents have dressed them up in a ridiculous elf/ reindeer costume.  So since you have to buy this baby a Christening gift, why not have a little fun with it?. The baby will eventually forgive you for the resulting humiliating photographs. Well, probably....

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ferm LIVING Owl Mobile | Gifts For Kids

ferm LIVING Owl Mobile

Drawing inspiration from Scandinavian nature, ferm Living have created a range of delightful owl toys and accessories fro children. This beautiful owl boasts a detailed tree...

Price: £24.95 From Cloudberry Living
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Jellycat Bashful Bunny | Gifts For Kids


Jellycat Bashful Bunny

This adorable bunny is super soft and super shy. Made from luxuriously cuddly materials by soft-toy supremos Jellycat, this is a gift they’ll really snuggle up to.

Price: £13.00 From House of Fraser
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My Little Buttercup Travelwrap | Gifts For Kids

My Little Buttercup Travelwrap

Wrap your baby in antique white and Aura cashmere blankets that are perfect for snuggling.

Price: £169.00 From The Travelwrap Company
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Porcelain Mug - Baby Boy | Gifts For Kids

Porcelain Mug - Baby Boy

This cute baby boy mug in white porcelain was designed by Keith Brymer Jones and is a crossover of his two collection, "Word" and "Heart". It features an...

Price: £8.50 From MAKE International
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Keith Brymer Jones Baby Girl Set | Gifts For Kids

Keith Brymer Jones Baby Girl Set

This pretty three-piece set for baby girl combines two of Keith Brymer Jones' popular ranges - "Word" and "Heart and Star". The set includes a cup, bowl and...

Price: £30.00-£130.00 From MAKE International
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Egmont Ernest Bear Nightlight | Gifts For Kids

Egmont Ernest Bear Nightlight

A beautiful gift for any small child, this adorable nightlight brings the magical world of children's fairytale to life. Diffusing a soft light to reassure your little one in...

Price: £36.62 From Smallable
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'Miracle Baby Cherish' New Baby Welcome Gift | Gifts For Kids

'Miracle Baby Cherish' New Baby Welcome Gift

Simply provide the baby's name and date of birth and Scrabble Art will create a memorable christening present or new baby gift to treasure. Using original Scrabble letters they...

Price: £69.00 From Scrabble Art
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Keith Brymer Jones Baby Boy Set | Gifts For Kids

Keith Brymer Jones Baby Boy Set

Incorporating two of Keith Brymer Jones' stylish ranges - "Word" and "Heart and Star", this three piece set for baby boy is simple but sweet. It includes a...

Price: £30.00 From MAKE International
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Silver Zoo Charms Gift | Gifts For Kids

Silver Zoo Charms Gift

Give a unique and beautiful sterling silver christening gift with the Silver Zoo. Each animal has a special meaning:Wolf for close family and friends;Lion for courage;Bear for...

Price: £45.00 From Babes With Babies
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Baby Portrait with photographer Samantha Falconer | Gifts For Kids

Baby Portrait with photographer Samantha Falconer

For a thoughtful and unique new baby gift or christening present treat new parents to a portrait of their new arrival with acclaimed photographer Samantha Falconer. Whether they...

Price: £390.00 From Babes With Babies
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Love Letter Alphabet Cushion | Gifts For Kids

Love Letter Alphabet Cushion

Celebrate a new arrival with one of these pretty Love Letter Cushions. Shaped as the initial of your choosing and hand made in England from a choice of 11 fabric choices, they...

Price: £49.75 From Jonny's Sister
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300 Thread Count Silk Cot Duvet | Gifts For Kids

300 Thread Count Silk Cot Duvet

Keep ypu rlittle ones snug and warm, never over-heated, with this luxury silk filled cot duvet. It won't cclump together or let the cold in.

Price: £52.00 From Silksleep
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Silver Baby Rattle | Gifts For Kids

Silver Baby Rattle

This beautiful baby rattle from Babes with Babies will make a sterling Christening gift for the bundle of joy on their big day. Whether the little one slobbers all over it, or...

Price: £75.00 From Babes With Babies
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Flamingo Cashmere Blanket | Gifts For Her

Flamingo Cashmere Blanket

Wrap your baby in a soft cashmere flamingo blanket made with natural materials. These blankets will last a lifetime and are knit to order.

Price: £159.20 From ROAM
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Personalised Cutlery Set | Gifts For Kids

Personalised Cutlery Set

A beautiful keepsake set for new borns and christenings.

Price: £18.00 From Great Little Trading Company
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Moomin 4-Piece Cutlery Set | Gifts For Kids

Moomin 4-Piece Cutlery Set

This cutlery set features characters from Tove Jansson's Finnish comic book strip 'The Moomins' who are white, round trolls who live in Moomin valley with their friends. A...

Price: £16.50 From Cloudberry Living

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