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Stag Party Gifts

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He may be getting married, but he's not married yet! Send him out in style with one of these stag party gifts.


For his final night of freedom, treat the groom-to-be to a stag party gift that will assist him bid farewell to bachelorhood in style! Whether he opts for a night of casual celebration or one of carnage, treat him accordingly with our pick of the best stag party gifts.


Quiet Night In Stag Party Gifts
If he's the more sensible of the male demographic and opts for a casual affair, a poker or card set is a good bet. Another option is to organize a stag party gift experience that you can all enjoy together. A trip to the go-kart track or a paint-balling excursion all make stag-geringly great stag party gifts.


Lads Night Out Stag Party Gifts
If its the latter, a night of riotous carnage, a daring drinking game is the classic stag party gift to really get the party started. And don't forget the traditional stag-do costumes for the party to don as they paint the town all shades of red!

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Redcups 'Beer Pong' Kit | Gifts For Men

Redcups 'Beer Pong' Kit

First up, think frat-boy paartyyyyyy in full swing, before you can begin to compute the glorious craziness of this loony game. It really is a beer based version of ping pong....

Price: £12.99 From Firebox
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Magnificent Martini Kit | Gifts For Men

Magnificent Martini Kit

Everyone should have a Don Draper moment occasionally and round about 6pm this evening sounds like a mighty fine Martini time to us. Whether you like it shaken or stirred, Whisk...

Price: £38.50 From Whisk Hampers
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Milk Chocolate Poker Chips | Gifts For Men

Milk Chocolate Poker Chips

The perfect gift for high rollers and chocolate addicts alike, these fun milk chocolate casino poker chips would make a great addition to any stag night or poker game.

Price: £2.65-£21.95 From Chocolate Trading Co.
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Milk Chocolate dice | Gifts For Men

Milk Chocolate dice

Lady luck might put on a few pounds when she discoverers these fun milk chocolate dice. Made from delicious high quality milk chocolate they may well very soon have their very...

Price: £5.25-£34.50 From Chocolate Trading Co.
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David Shrigley Greeting Card -

David Shrigley Greeting Card - "I'm So Hungover I Wish I Was Dead"

We've all been there. If you're too close to death's door to pick up the phone, pick up a pen instead and inform your loved ones of your demise.

Price: £2.90 From Polite
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Up Here For Drinking, Down There For Dancing T-Shirt | Gifts For Men

Up Here For Drinking, Down There For Dancing T-Shirt

Forget the art of thinking for alcohol is a perfect substitute for knowledge. As for below, we think that dancing remains the best option.

Price: £15.00 From Shot Dead In The Head
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Anorak Stags Toiletry Bag | Gifts For Men

Anorak Stags Toiletry Bag

Treat the 'stag' in your life to this fun and stylish wash bag. With its striking black stag pattern, it's just manly enough to excuse his girlie lotions and potions.

Price: £15.95 From Bloomsbury Store
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Hip Hopsicles | Gifts For Men

Hip Hopsicles

Add some hip hop bling to your parties with these beverage chillers. Just fill the molds with water or any other liquid and let them freeze. The set includes four pairs of...

Price: £6.20 From Artransmitte
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Paintballing Experience | Gifts For Men

Paintballing Experience

Treat yourself to the gift of an eight our jaunt of crawling through undergrowth, dodging paintballs, taking cover behind buses or helicopters and spying on your opponents. Or,...

Price: £18.00 From Red Letter Days
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Tjiller Beer Chiller | Gifts For Men

Tjiller Beer Chiller

Don't lose your cool man. Get a hold of one of this nifty Tjiller Beer Chillers.  All you need to do is place the nifty contraption in the freezer overnight and it will...

Price: £8.99 From Firebox
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Offer Shot Cartridge & Stirrup Cups | Gifts For Men


Shot Cartridge & Stirrup Cups

This gorgeous silver drinking set is sure to lead many toasts (and shots) around the dining table. The silver-plated set is destined to become a stylish family heirloom.

Price: Was £58.95 Now £50.96 From The Handpicked Collection
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Test Shooters | Gifts For Men


Test Shooters

Whether love or revenge is your aim, get creating your own powerful potions with the Test Shooter pack. A fun way to get to the party started, just don't blame us for the...

Price: £10.00 From Urban Outfitters
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Offer Jelly Alcoshots Mould | Gifts For Men


Jelly Alcoshots Mould

Kick off that stag party with a bang...or a wobble! For a grown-up alternative to a childhood classic, this nifty jelly mould even comes with a recipe book so you can perfect...

Price: Was £6.00 Now £4.00 From Urban Outfitters
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Blue & Gold Groom Badge | Gifts For Men

Blue & Gold Groom Badge

A token for the man himself to wear on the big day, or his stag...just in case he needs a little reminder.

Price: £5.25 From Amazon
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Pin Badges by David Shrigley | Gifts For Men

Badges of Honor

Pin Badges by David Shrigley

These mischievous little Pin Badges by artist David Shrigley allow the lucky wearer to parade a snippet of his caustic humour on their sleeve or lapel. Includes sets such as 'My...

Price: £5.00 From Polite
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Inebriation Merit Badge | Gifts For Men

And The Award Goes To....

Inebriation Merit Badge

Celebrate your mate’s imperfections with a retro iron-on patch. Each comes attached to its very own greeting card, where you can write a cheeky message inside. The lucky...

Price: £3.50 From Twisted Twee

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