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Easter Gifts

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Easter bunnies in search of original and tasteful Easter gifts need look no further- we’ve rounded up the best Easter gifts on the web.

To some the arrival of Easter can only mean one thing: it's time to channel your inner hunter-gatherer and stalk the garden in search of chocolate eggs. And what better Easter gifts than copious amounts of mouth-watering chocolate? However, rumour has it that not everyone lusts after those luscious treats; so we've eggs-amined some very reputable reasons why getting our chocs off is a good idea, and what Easter presents the non-chocoholics can enjoy.

Easter Gifts For Chocoholics: Why it's got to be an Easter Egg

1. Chocolate = A kiss from Johnny Depp (sort of). Scrumptious chocolate melting in your mouth produces the same heart rate as a good old fashioned kiss; so even if Mr. Depp is temporarily unavailable, chocolate's a tempting back-up.

2. Dark chocolate Easter Eggs are anti-ageing. Dark chocolate contains antioxidant-like components which protect the body from ageing; so lose the anti-wrinkle creams and eat! Think of them as the Easter gifts that keep on giving.

3. Feel Good Factor. Chocolate stimulates the production of endorphins, which give us a feeling of pleasure and well-being.

4. The more you eat, the more you appreciate. Chocolate is a very complex (and delicious) food containing over 300 compounds and chemicals per bite; which means you're not a glutton, it's just that in order to taste all that goodness, it's an absolute necessity to take many, many bites...

5. Willy Wonka can't be wrong. If chocolate is good enough for Roald Dahl to write about (and subsequently inspire two sweet-toothed Hollywood films), then we're with Willy Wonka. Chocolate Easter Eggs will be very well received indeed.

Easter Gifts that don't contain chocolate: Why there's more to Easter than chocolate Eggs

1. It's more original. Chocolate is traditional, but somewhat uninspired; give someone a surprise this year with a non-chocolate Easter gift. Some bright Spring inspired clothes, accessories, art prints or even homeware give a lot more bang for your buck. They also have a much longer shelf life than a speedily devoured Easter Egg.

2. Harness the element of surprise. They are probably expecting an Easter Egg, however with non-chocolate Easter gifts the possibilities are infinite. And you can't be held responsible for tummy aches either.

3. They'll get more than enough chocolate. If you're pretty sure that all your relatives will bombard the kids with chocolate, why not give them an inedible alternative? Think chick and bunny inspired toys, classic children's books or even 'make and do' kits to keep them occupied while they digest their eggs.

4. It's more personal. Everyone appreciates a personal gift that shows some thought. So forgo the easy chocolate route and treat them to a well considered Easter present tailored specifically to them.

5. Zero calorie treat. Nobody wants the extra Easter egg pounds, but everyone wants a treat. It's as simple as that.

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Rabbit Print Picnic Blanket | Gifts For Her

Rabbit Print Picnic Blanket

This waterproof backed picnic blanket is soft as a bunny with its 100% cotton front. Relax in the garden, on the beach or use it in your home for your little ones to play on.

Price: £34.95 From Bloomsbury Store
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Alessi Bunny & Carrot Kitchen Paper Holder | Gifts For Couples

Alessi Bunny & Carrot Kitchen Paper Holder

Stefano Giovannoni's great skill has always been to bring magic to the mundane and this White Bunny & Carrot Kitchen Roll Holder is a fine example of this. Bring some fun to...

Price: £28.00 From Heal's
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Kikkerland Mobile Phone Stand | Gifts For Her

Kikkerland Mobile Phone Stand

We're just hopping mad about this nifty phone stand from Kikkerland. It features a suction cup on the reverse of its adorable rabbit design, which will grip your phone and prop...

Price: £10.95 From Liberty
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Ceramic Egg Candles | Gifts For Her

Ceramic Egg Candles

These quirky candles resemble real eggs and make a great table-topper for Easter lunch. They come in a set of six, and are neatly presented in a clear box with a pretty ribbon.

Price: £8.00 From John Lewis
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Gallery Thea Bespoke Eggcup | Gifts For Kids

Gallery Thea Bespoke Eggcup

A beautifully bespoke Easter gift for someone special, Gallery Thea's eggcups can be personalised with the name of your choice. The piece will also include a charming painting...

Price: £14.50 From John Lewis
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Joe Ledbetter's

Joe Ledbetter's "Eighty-Sixed" Print

If you like your bunnies a little more bad ass then this vibrant print will make a great gift for someone special at Easter. One of only 75 of its kind, the piece comes numbered...

Price: £45.00 From Artransmitte
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Fabric Rabbit Toy | Gifts For Kids

Fabric Rabbit Toy

These adorable bunnies come in a range of beautiful prints that make them thoroughly unique and special. From the dark blue and boyish Dinosaur Print to the colourful and kitsch...

Price: £14.00 From Em & Lu
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Paul Smith Rabbit Silk Tie | Gifts For Men

Paul Smith Rabbit Silk Tie

For the sartorially-inlcined male, this is one fashionably festive gift that will be sure to impress. The stylish tie comes from the Paul Smith British Collection and is crafted...

Price: £68.75 From Liberty
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Fried Egg Necklace | Gifts For Her

Fried Egg Necklace

Try an egg that's a little less conventional, but all the more stylish for a special Easter treat. This funky pendant from Tatty Devine could be the butt of some eggs-cellent...

Price: £30.00 From Tatty Devine
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"Hoppity Hop" Bespoke Canvas

This pretty pink canvas will have any little girl hopping mad. To make it even more special and unique a gift, the canvas can be personalised with the reciever's name.

Price: £40.00 From Bella Oscar
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"Oh Dear!" by Rod Campbell

The perfect Easter gift for your little one, this charming set features a hardback version of Rod Campbell's "Oh Dear!" with a matching egg cup. Lift the flaps and...

Price: £8.49 From John Lewis
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Yellow Ballerina Pyjamas | Gifts For Kids

Yellow Ballerina Pyjamas

These adorable pyjamas are the perfect gift for your very own beautiful ballerina. Made from 100% cotton, it is soft, warm and durable and is adorned with pretty in pink...

Price: £36.00-£39.00 From Em & Lu
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Brics Clipper Holdall - Yellow | Gifts For Men

Brics Clipper Holdall - Yellow

A luxury accessory for the glamorous globetrotter, Brics holdall is soft, supple and stylish. With a grain-print finish, and in a showstopping canary yellow, it will make a...

Price: £260.00 From Selfridges & Co Ltd
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Offer Crocheted Scarf - Yellow | Gifts For Her

Crocheted Scarf - Yellow

Swap your heavy and dark winter woolies for this stylish number! The beautifully vibrant scarf will make the perfect accessory as the good weather starts to break through those...

Price: Was £17.55 Now £8.75 From Boutiqua
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"No Added Sugar" T-Shirt

Looking for a special something that won't damage their teeth? Then this pretty t-shirt will make a sweet Easter gift while doing exactly what is says on the tin! Crafted from...

Price: £21.95 From Bloomsbury Store
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Rabbit Lamp | Gifts For Kids

Hot Cross Bunny

Rabbit Lamp

This beautiful bone china bunny emits a lovely soft glow that is perfect for a child's nightlight for bedside table or bookshelf. An irresistibly cute way to light up a room.

Price: £60.00 From White Rabbit England