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Gifts For Kids

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From newborn babies to too-cool-for-school teens, we've found the best gifts for kids of all ages. Being down with the kids has never been so easy!


Gifts For Kids Rule 1: The Early Bird Catches The (Toy) Worm

Avoid tear-filled tantrums and sanity-testing strops by finding out what kids really want and getting the goods before time runs out.


Gifts For Kids Rule 2: Do Your Homework

When it comes to children’s toys and accessories, they love to receive the latest playthings before any of their friends, so it’s a good idea to research the market and find out what new and exciting gifts for kids are out there.


Gifts For Kids Rule 3: Buy Quality

As we all know, children can be rambunctious at times, so it’s important to choose quality gifts for kids that can withstand determined little hands and will bring them enjoyment for a long time no matter how short their attention span.

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Ninjabread Men Cutters | Gifts For Kids

Ninjabread Men Cutters

Transform your boring old gingerbread men into crime-fighting black belts with these nifty Ninjabread Men cookie cutters! The set contains three different martial arts warriors...

Price: £7.99 From Firebox
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Small Slushie Maker | Gifts For Kids

Small Slushie Maker

Make slushies not war with this genius slushie maker. Create cool, colourful cocktails and beautiful beverages. What's better than owning a slushie maker as a kid? Owning one as...

Price: £54.99 From Firebox
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Suck UK Pac Man Cookie Cutters | Gifts For Kids

Suck UK Pac Man Cookie Cutters

Play with your food with these funky Pac Man Cookie Cutters - the perfect gourmet gift for the geek in your life. Each pack contains four cutters - one Pac Man and three ominous...

Price: £11.50 From Whisk Hampers
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Cavallini & Co Giant

Cavallini & Co Giant "Love Heart" Eraser

We love mistakes with thanks to this pretty love heart eraser. Consider it a back to school token with some heart.

Price: £2.75 From Liberty
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Monopoly - Doctor Who Edition 2011 - Winning Moves | Gifts For Kids

Monopoly - Doctor Who Edition 2011 - Winning Moves

Doctor Who Monopoly Travel through Time and Space with the Doctor and his companions Rory and Amy, visit (and buy) the planets and places that he has visited or saved, and get...

Price: £34.99 From Amazon
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Wild and Wolf - Dandy Gift Wrap | Gifts For Kids

Wild and Wolf - Dandy Gift Wrap

Suitable for framing or simply for wrapping treasured gifts, this fabulously retro gift wrap is a winner for comic loving boys both young and old. Bloomsbury dispatch this item...

Price: £1.50 From Bloomsbury Store
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Offer Subbuteo Inflatable Pitch | Gifts For Kids

Subbuteo Inflatable Pitch

Excitement will reach fever pitch if you can treat your little (or big!) footie fan with this inflatable pitch from Subbuteo. All you need to do is plug in the pump and watch as...

Price: Was £294.99 Now £206.49 From Firebox
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SEGA Handheld Mega Drive | Gifts For Kids

SEGA Handheld Mega Drive

Discover or reminisce with 8 classic SEGA Mega Drive games that kick started a a fast blue hedgehog and a moustachioed plumber's careers.  

Price: £36.99 From Firebox
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eBoy iPad Skin - Tokyo | Gifts For Kids

eBoy iPad Skin - Tokyo

The renowned kings of pixel art, eBoy haeve created this funky graphic iPad skin that will protect your hardware all the while transforming it into a stylish accessory.

Price: £16.00 From Artransmitte
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5-A-Side Soccer Set | Gifts For Kids

5-A-Side Soccer Set

Professionalise your kickabouts with this nifty 5-A-Side Football Set. It contains all the paraphernalia necessary to stage a match in the park, or your back garden from sturdy...

Price: £89.99 From Firebox
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Bloom! Inflatable Mattress  | Gifts For Kids

Bloom! Inflatable Mattress

Created by designer, Rob Slewe, these inflatable numbers are inspired by Grandma's old mattresses. Composed of PVC, they are even suitable for outdoors so you can chill on the...

Price: £141.00 From Made In Design
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Mood Duck Radio | Gifts For Kids

Mood Duck Radio

This ingenious little bath duck has been created to relax and entertain bathers of all ages, as it functions as a fully waterproof AM/FM radio and relaxing colour-changing mood...

Price: £13.99 From Firebox
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Insectilix Lolly | Gifts For Kids

Icky Licks

Insectilix Lolly

Totally gross them out with these creepy lollies from Edible. Choose from a scary scorpion, a chewy worm  or spicy black ants in vodka, tequila or peppermint flavoured...

Price: £9.99 From Firebox
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Lomography Fisheye Camera | Gifts For Kids

Something Fishy

Lomography Fisheye Camera

View things from a fishy perspective thanks to the Lomography Fisheye Camera. Grasping 170 degrees of our field of vision, subjects will take on a distinctly exaggerated angle...

Price: £35.99 From Amazon
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Skate 3 (Xbox 360) | Gifts For Kids

Sk8er Boi

Skate 3 (Xbox 360)

He can get his skate on with the 3rd installment of the SKATE TM franchise. The new skate city Port Carverton is a  skater's paradise with skate parks, multi-story car...

Price: £14.91 From Amazon
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Yurakoro Lucky Cats | Gifts For Kids

Konnichiwa Kitty

Yurakoro Lucky Cats

Based on the traditional cat figurines that are omnipresent all over Japan, the Yurakoro Lucky Cat is the perfect good luck charm; the white ones are said to bring happiness and...

Price: £7.99 From Firebox

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