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Gifts For Her

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What do women want? It's an age old question, but we're pretty sure we've found the answer! Check out these fabulous gifts for her- we've found perfect presents for women of all ages.


How to buy brilliant gifts for her

At times women can appear inexplicably upset, appalled or even down right boggled at our telepathic short-comings if we fail to deliver the goods. If mind-reading is not your forte, it’s important to listen out for cryptic clues or cleverly dropped hints in the run-up to a special occasion. If you still have no idea whatsoever, then stick to our basic rules when buying gifts for women.


Whether it’s a birthday treat, a Christmas gift or a random surprise, women love to be pampered. Treat her by choosing thoughtful gifts that she would never splurge on herself.


Gifts for her - what not to buy

For wives, live-in girlfriends or mothers, cleaning products or practical household items should be avoided at all costs, lest you want that new compost bin, as well as its putrid contents, thrown at your head in the midst of a heated row! When buying gifts for her, it’s much safer to go for something heart-felt and indulgent that will make her smile.


Gym memberships and weight loss products are an absolute no-no. No matter what she asks you, she always looks great and NO, her thighs definitely do not look big in her new figure hugging skirt/jeans/bandage dress. Cute work-out clothes and sports accessories are only acceptable gifts for her if she’s already the sporty type and won’t be insulted by the suggestion that she could do with some exercise that doesn’t involve an arm and a T.V. remote.


Gifts for her- presentation is everything.

While we know it’s the thought that counts, but when buying gifts for her unless you are under 10 and can produce a home-made gift that will reduce her to a heap of sentimental goo, make her present look expensive. This can be achieved by actually buying something pricey or dressing it up with either lashings of good quality paper or a pretty box, covered in silk ribbons to make it look as extravagant as possible. Like the lady herself, she won’t be able to resist beautiful things.

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Harland Miller's

Harland Miller's "Incurable Romantic Seeks Dirty Filthy Whore"

If you're looking for a gift that explores the baffling contradiction of love rather than a mushy love poem, then Harland Miller’s 'Incurable Romantic - Seeks Dirty Filthy...

Price: £1,250.00 From Other Criteria
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Tea Makes Everything Better | Gifts For Her

Tea Makes Everything Better

A beautifully printed four colour screen print of Belle & Boo enjoying a comforting cup of tea. Printed on Fabriano Tiepolo 100% cotton stock 290gsm, this edition is limited...

Price: £61.50 From Belle & Boo
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Dealbreaker: The Definitive List of Dating Offenses Paperback Edition | Gifts For Her

Dealbreaker: The Definitive List of Dating Offenses Paperback Edition

A guide that catalogues the 'deal-breakers' that turn ideal dates in to worst nightmares whether it's an annoying habit (talking during films) or a worldview (grandeur...

Price: £7.19 From Amazon
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This Little Piggy Got Divorced: A Helpful And Humorous Handbook To Untying The Knot | Gifts For Her

You Can Go Your Own Way

This Little Piggy Got Divorced: A Helpful And Humorous Handbook To Untying The Knot

Breaking up is hard to do, so ease a friend's pain with this light-hearted and understanding perspective on the big D-I-V-O-R-C-E. With illustration, witticisms and accurate...

Price: £11.66 From Amazon
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'Grow A New Husband' Toy | Gifts For Her

'Grow A New Husband' Toy

The perfect solution for any distressed wife! Place your miniature husband in water and watch, over a period of 72 hours, as he expands 600%. He doesn't snore, hog the remote or...

Price: £1.99 From Toyday
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Attack of the 50ft. Woman Print | Gifts For Her

A Woman Wronged

Attack of the 50ft. Woman Print

When Nancy Archer has a close encounter with an alien, her resulting growth spurt sees her wreak revenge on her cheating husband and his mistress. This print comes from the...

Price: £33.00 From Art Republic
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'Champagne Is The Answer' Sign | Gifts For Her

Bubble Trouble

'Champagne Is The Answer' Sign

Are they a glass half full or glass half empty kinda person? Who cares! Follow the sign and make sure it's always full, although it may be emptied veeery quickly. Not that...

Price: £17.50 From Not On The High Street
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'It's Not Me, It's You' by Charlotte Ward | Gifts For Her

Good Riddance

'It's Not Me, It's You' by Charlotte Ward

Break up rituals are freakishly similar across the board. First there is wine and ranting, which is usually followed by a haircut and a 'new look'. It's a painful process for...

Price: £5.99 From Amazon
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'Husbands I Had and Liked' Notebook | Gifts For Her

It's Complicated

'Husbands I Had and Liked' Notebook

According to the Guinness Book of Records, the woman with the most husbands ever had 23 monogamous marriages. Sounds like a handful. With this jotter she could devote almost...

Price: £11.00 From Not On The High Street
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Keep Smiling Chocolate Bar | Gifts For Her

You're Sweet Like Chocolate

Keep Smiling Chocolate Bar

Cheer them up with this Keep Smiling Chocolate Bar. Choose from crowd pleasing milk chocolate or rich dark Belgian chocolate. Just remember, it's the flavour they like, not your...

Price: £4.45 From Not On The High Street
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'Keep Calm and Carry On' Wall Sticker | Gifts For Her

Off The Wall

'Keep Calm and Carry On' Wall Sticker

Found in a dusty bookshop in 2000, this forgotten World War II poster has been given a revival in recent years. Intended to be used in the 'worst case scenario' of a Nazi...

Price: £20.00 From Not On The High Street
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I Recycle Men Fridge Magnet | Gifts For Her

Man Magnet

I Recycle Men Fridge Magnet

Is she recently single with a tendency to suffer from an environmentally induced guilty conscience? Remind her that she is just doing her bit for the greater good by giving her...

Price: £1.98-£3.75 From Zazzle
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'The Ex' Voodoo Knife Block | Gifts For Her

A Cut Above

'The Ex' Voodoo Knife Block

If you know someone who's going through a painful break-up or divorce this quirky knife block is sure to raise a smile. Who knows it may even encourage them to put down the tub...

Price: £59.99-£74.99 From Firebox
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'DANCE LIKE NO ONE'S WATCHING' Panama Notebook | Gifts For Her

Take Note


A great little notebook to make you smile. Write about whatever you like inside, but we think positive life-affirming thoughts will work best with this one.

Price: £45.00 From Smythson
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"Never, Never, Never Give Up" Gift Card

This inspirational gift card comes from Quotable Card's collection. Give it to someone in need of a little motivation....

Price: £2.45 From Bloomsbury Store
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Offer 'But I Always' By Andy Warhol | Gifts For Men

Party People

'But I Always' By Andy Warhol

Unexpected company can be both a blessing and a curse. Take Andy Warhol's advice and only accept your friends presence when they bring the possibility of a party with them.

Price: Was £94.00 Now £79.00 From Art Republic

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