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Gifts For Couples

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If you're looking for unique and stylish gifts for couples- look no further! We've found the perfect gifts to give to the perfect pair.


Whether they’ve finally bit the bullet and said “I Do”, hedged their bets and moved in together, or are celebrating many happy years of marriage, we have found dozens of great gifts for couples to mark that special milestone in their lives.


While couples may not always agree on everything we’re sure they’ll concur that gifts for couples are a welcome treat, whether you choose something personalised to commemorate a special date, an experience gift they can enjoy together or an item that relates to shared hobbies and interests. The honeymoon period doesn’t last forever, but at least they’ll have their memories.... and some seriously nice things.

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Movie Theater Style Popcorn Maker Machine  | Gifts For Couples

Movie Theater Style Popcorn Maker Machine

Recreate the feel of a cinema in your own home with this 4oz popcorn maker. Complete with a spot-light for display and to keep your popcorn warm, it is ideal for parties!...

Price: £350.00 From The Games Room Company
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Manual Projector Screen | Gifts For Couples

Private Screening

Manual Projector Screen

Know somebody who eats, sleeps and breathes film? Make their day by gifting them a projector screen, thus allowing them to recreate the cinematic experience within the safety of...

Price: £93.64 From Amazon
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Gavin & Stacey Series 1-3 Boxset & Christmas Special (6 Discs) | Gifts For Couples

Family Values

Gavin & Stacey Series 1-3 Boxset & Christmas Special (6 Discs)

Alright, what's occurin'? If it's nothing much, Nessa and the gang will keep you entertained. The boxset includes the seasonal special that'll make you grateful for your own...

Price: £14.99 From Play.com
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Apple TV | Gifts For Couples

TV Now!

Apple TV

This ingenious little box allows you to stream movies, music and photos straight to your TV.  You can use it to rent movies without the hassle of leaving the house, or view...

Price: £99.00 From Apple
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Optoma DS316L DLP Projector | Gifts For Couples

Big Screen Dreams

Optoma DS316L DLP Projector

Bring the big screen experience to the comfort of their home with an old school style projector. Perfect for movies or presentations, we think this makes a wonderful gift for...

Price: £339.45 From Amazon
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'Fargo' DVD - Special Edition | Gifts For Men

'Fargo' DVD - Special Edition

Worth it for the wood chopper scene alone, this fiendishly clever kidnap caper is simultaneously a comedy of errors, a Midwestern satire, a taut suspense thriller and a violent...

Price: £2.99 From Amazon
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Pedro Almodovar Collection | Gifts For Her

La Locura

Pedro Almodovar Collection

This box set from Pedro Almodóvar includes four of his more recent movies, each dealing with varying themes related to the hedonism and self-discovery which characterised...

Price: £10.77 From Amazon
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Lost: The Complete Collection Seasons 1-6 | Gifts For Men

"We Have To Go Back To The Island"

Lost: The Complete Collection Seasons 1-6

What is the island? Who is Jacob? Why are there polar bears? Where did Walt go? How did Desmond get so gorgeous? Find the answers to none of these questions but have a great...

Price: £69.99 From Play.com
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Arrested Development - Complete Seasons 1-3 [DVD] | Gifts For Men

"Excuse Me, Do These Effectively Hide My Thunder?"

Arrested Development - Complete Seasons 1-3 [DVD]

An Arrested Development boxset is the gift that just keeps giving. Pairing a solid story line with hilarious, richly developed characters and often ridiculous plotlines, this is...

Price: £39.99 From Amazon
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'The Bicycle Thieves' DVD | Gifts For Men

All Hail To The Thieves

'The Bicycle Thieves' DVD

A poignant story about poverty and sacrifice in post-war Italy, The Bicycle Thieves is an unforgettable film that offers a comment on a society that was still coming to terms...

Price: £9.39 From Amazon
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'Mr. Hulot's Holiday' DVD | Gifts For Kids

It's Always Better On Holiday

'Mr. Hulot's Holiday' DVD

Walking disaster area Mr. Hulot gained a reputation for raucous slapstick in this 1953 movie. The adventures of this gangling French man (who would become the inspiration for...

Price: £11.79 From Amazon
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Modern Family Season 1 [DVD] | Gifts For Men

It's a Family Affair

Modern Family Season 1 [DVD]

Let's face it. The conventional family unit that TV shows so often present us withis a relic of times past, if it ever existed at all. Modern Family embraces the unusual...

Price: £13.99 From Amazon
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'Garden State' DVD | Gifts For Men

The State We're In

'Garden State' DVD

An emotionally numb actor played by Zach Braff returns home to New Jersey for the first time in nine years to attend his mother's funeral. While home he meets a gorgeous...

Price: £14.51 From Amazon

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