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There's nothing old fashioned about these Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts.

1st Anniversary Gifts - Paper Wedding Anniversary

There won't be any cracks to paper over with one of these stylish 1st anniversary gifts.

They say the first year is the hardest, so celebrate this important milestone with one of these stylish paper wedding anniversary gifts. Paper symbolizes strength - the interlaced connection of the individual threads keeps it together, so by...

2nd Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas- Cotton

They'll cotton on to how much you love them with one of these cool cotton wedding anniversary gift ideas.

Traditionally cotton is given to mark the second wedding anniversary. It’s durable and versatile, two qualities that are important for a successful marriage. Cotton is known to keep you cool in the heat. Let us help you find the perfect...

3rd Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas- Leather

Check out these lovely leather wedding anniversary gifts they won't want to give the boot.

Leather lasts forever, well a very long time anyhow. Ensure your love lasts at least another year with one of these fabulous leather wedding anniversary gifts. All the gifts we’ve selected are available to buy online so you won’t have...

4th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas- Fruit and Flowers

After four years your relationship is blossoming. Celebrate with one of these blooming marvelous 4th wedding anniversary gifts.

Traditionally you give your other half a gift of fruit or flowers as fourth wedding anniversary gifts. While we'd never turn our noses up at a nice bunch of flowers we've also found some other fruit and flower themed options you may like to...

5th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas- Wood

You've been married for five years and been busy putting down roots. Wooden it be extra special to mark this significant anniversary with one of these fabulous wooden anniversary gifts.

Wood is strong and long lasting and so will your marraige be if you take our advice and keep your other half sweet with one of these stylish and unique fifth wedding anniversary gifts.  

6th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas- Sugar

Sweets for your sweet, sugar for your sugar... These sugar wedding anniversary gift ideas come with a guarantee to keep them sweet for at least another year.

They say a little bit of sugar helps the medicines go down and that applies in marriage too. These sugar wedding anniversary gifts symbolise the nice things you do for each other every day.

7th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas- Wool

Knock their socks off with one of these wonderful wool anniversary gifts.

Wool symbolises warmth and comfort, two very important qualities in a marriage. Give the one you snuggle up next to at night one a cosy feeling with a wool anniversary gift that is sure to keep the heat in your relationship.

8th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas- Salt

Congratulations! You've made it past the seven year itch! Celebrate in style with one of these fantastic salt wedding anniversary gifts.

Salt takes its name from the Roman goddess of health, Salus. It also represents purity and immortality. So to celebrate your eighth wedding anniversary, and for a healthy, pure and everlasting marriage make sure to give your beloved a suitably...

9th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas- Copper

It's been 9 years and you still feel that electricity. Copper has a high electrical conductivity, so keep the sparks flying with one of these chic 9th wedding anniversary gifts.

Copper is traditionally associated with prosperity, good luck, and good fortune. Celebrate your good luck in finding each other with these 9th wedding anniversary gifts. 

10th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas-Tin

A decade together deserves a special gift. A special gift made of tin?? Worry not, we've done the impossible... Check out these 10th wedding anniversary gift.

Tin might not sound like the most exciting material with which to celebrate ten years of wedded bliss, but when you know that it is symbolic of how a marriage can be bent without being broken, it starts to make a bit more sense... Check out these...


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