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Our Q&A With Emma Forbes

Much loved TV and radio presenter Emma Forbes, reveals the highs and the lows of her gifting past. The fellow gift guru and founder of the gorgeous lifestyle site ForbesStyle.com also shares with us her own wish list and top gift tips for Christmas 2011.

Our Q&A With Emma Forbes

1) What’s the best gift you’ve ever received and why?
The best gift I’ve ever received was 3 of those enormous Jo Malone candles – the kind of thing you never buy for yourself but long to be given.

2) What’s gift are you most proud of giving?
The gift I am most proud of giving – buying my mother in law a pair of Chanel shoes – we had such a ball buying them and she loved them.

3) What’s the worst gift you’ve ever received?
Worst gift I’ve ever received was a knife block from my husband one xmas. He never did that again!

4) Is there a gift you wish you never gave?
A gift I wish I’d never given was one that had been given to me (a book) that was signed to me and I had put it in the ‘re-gift’ drawer and had forgot that it already had an inscription. Oops…

5) What was the last gift you bought & for whom?
The last gift I gave was a present for a friends 40th. He’s mad on Ferraris so I had a key box done with a Ferrari keyring in it – the joke being – everything but the car.

6) Is there a gift you've always wanted but have not yet received?
Hmmm, I would love to be given a subscription to an American magazine.

7) What do people tend to buy for you?
People tend to panic buy for me as they know I love doing gifts. So, people tend to worry about what they buy me and buy me a lot of practical things. Or kitchen gadgets?!

8) What can’t you live without?
I can’t live without my hubby, kids or dog! True.

9) Besides world peace, what are the top three things on your wish-list this Christmas?
Apart from world peace and health for one and all – a new handbag. I've got my eye on a few but loving the new Mulberry bags. Anything made in Perspex – love retro perspex in vibrant colours, and an Isabel Marant beaded cuff!

10) What’s your hot gift suggestion for Christmas 2011?
A lot to choose from – but I am loving the new Smythson diaries in jewel colours, always a good gift. Safe but something everyone needs!

Read more about everything that Emma loves in life at ForbesStyle.com


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