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Corporate Gifts

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Check out our selection of stylish and unique corporate gifts your clients will actually thank you for!

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CableBox | Corporate Gifts



Perfect for any cable clutter, this nifty CableBox from Bluelounge is a contemporary way of 'sweeping it under the carpet'. Simply pop your mess of plugs, wires and cables into...

Price: £26.49-£41.99 From Firebox
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Bluelounge Bright Cabledrop | Corporate Gifts

Tangle Twister

Bluelounge Bright Cabledrop

The cable drop can be stuck to the wall or desk and holds cables, organising them so they can't get tangled. An idea so simple yet brilliant we wish we'd invented it ourselves.

Price: £6.49 From Amazon
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Bluelounge Refresh Charging Station  | Corporate Gifts

The In Charger

Bluelounge Refresh Charging Station

The rather brilliant refresh charging station can charge three or more devices at any time. Though bijou in size, it has the facilities to simultaneously charge an iPhone, iPod,...

Price: £69.99 From Firebox
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The Intelligent Wine Cooler | Gifts For Men

On A Different Kind Of Ice

The Intelligent Wine Cooler

Do they freeze the Pouilly-Fumé? Burn the Merlot? Serving wine at the right temperature is harder than you might think which is why this gift is as practical as it is...

Price: £63.11 From Amazon
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Keyboard Cyber Clean | Gifts For Men

Keyboard Cyber Clean

It's squidgy and it may look dodgy but it will rid your keyboard of any dirt trapped between the keys from when you were too lazy to eat at the table or to lean back a few...

Price: £7.99-£13.99 From Firebox
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De'Longhi Prima Donna ESAM6600 Bean To Cup Coffee Machine | Gifts For Couples

Wake Up And Smell The Best Coffee You'll Ever Make

De'Longhi Prima Donna ESAM6600 Bean To Cup Coffee Machine

If you love a good cup of coffee and are getting a bit fed up parting with your hard earned cash for an overpriced cup of burned coffee from your local coffee shop we may just...

Price: £820.00 From Amazon
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Bosign Laptop Pillow | Gifts For Men


Bosign Laptop Pillow

Created by Swedish designers Bosign, this clever laptop cushion is specially designed to ensure that you stay comfortable (and your lap stays cool) when surfing the Internet. A...

Price: £20.50 From Amazon
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Glazed Leather Laptop Case | Gifts For Men

Case Closed

Glazed Leather Laptop Case

Sharp and chic; this brown leather laptop case is the end word in straightforward style.

Price: £145.00 From Browns
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Leather iPhone Cover | Gifts For Her

A Real Smart Phone

Leather iPhone Cover

If she can't live without her iPhone, this pretty Smythson iPhone cover will keep it safe in style (and you in her 'recently called' list!). Made from the finest calfskin...

Price: £75.00 From Smythson
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Apple TV | Gifts For Couples

TV Now!

Apple TV

This ingenious little box allows you to stream movies, music and photos straight to your TV.  You can use it to rent movies without the hassle of leaving the house, or view...

Price: £99.00 From Apple
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Mac Book Air Laptop | Gifts For Men


Mac Book Air Laptop

The new Mac Book Air is not just the best looking laptop we’ve ever seen, it’s so incredibly light you can bring it with you without putting your back out. And just...

Price: £849.00-£1,349.00 From Apple
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iPad 3 | Gifts For Men

The Big Apple

iPad 3

The anticipation for the iPad3 seemed to completely take over all media outlets for months and months before its release. It felt like a really long pregnancy. But now that's it...

Price: £399.00-£659.00 From Apple
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Belkin USB Travel Hub | Gifts For Men

Inspector Gadget

Belkin USB Travel Hub

Too many gadgets and not enough USB ports - a distant dilemma now that Belkin have come to the rescue. Link up an extra four accessories with this travel hub at your finger...

Price: £6.66 From Amazon
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Sandisk Mobile Micro Mate Card Reader | Gifts For Men

Memory Magic

Sandisk Mobile Micro Mate Card Reader

Move your music and photos personal data from your phone to your PC in seconds with the incredibly handy (and incredibly tiny) Sandisk Mobile Mirco Mate Card Reader.  Small...

Price: £4.77 From Amazon
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Polaroid PoGo Instant Photo Printer | Gifts For Men

Go Go Gadget Go

Polaroid PoGo Instant Photo Printer

Is that a photo printer in your pocket, or are you just pleased to see me? Wirelessly print out pictures from your digital camera or phone when you're out and about with the...

Price: £39.95 From Play.com
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Sling Media Slingbox Pro | Gifts For Couples

TV Anywhere

Sling Media Slingbox Pro

This modest looking box will revolutionise the way you watch television. It redirects your TV signal to the computer of your choice allowing you to watch and control your home...

Price: £212.49 From Play.com

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