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Stationery & Greeting Cards

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Even the cheapest gift can look a million dollars when it's beautifully wrapped. We've found the most stylish greeting cards, stationery and wrapping paper on the web so no excuses for poorly presented pressies!


Say It With Stationery

There's nothing quite like a handwritten letter. The surprise of getting good news in the post amidst all the bad news of bills is unlike any other. There's a reason you save greeting cards and letters and delete text messages - letters are so much more meaningful, especially so when written on some chic stationery or a gorgeous greeting card. We say it's time to bring back pen pals and end our obsession with shortening every form of communication. No longer will we let our interaction with loved ones be confined to 140-character, abbreviated messages. We propose a written revolution! Let us bring thought back into our messages, deliver the love and care that used to go into handwritten letters and greeting cards.


Stationery & Greeting Cards - Where to Start

If the idea of penning a letter by hand without the help of spell check is more than a little overwhelming to you, fear not. Don't let words like embossed and rosette scare you away from the lost art of letter-writing, because we have all the details sorted out for you with stationery & greeting card ideas aplenty. First, think of the occasion and decide on the emotion you want to convey. Funny, serious, loving, thoughtful, light-hearted - there is a greeting card for every occasion.

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Geppeto Sharpener | Gifts For Kids

Geppeto Sharpener

It may not be as enigmatic as Geppeto's wooden sidekick, but this nifty pencil sharpener is far more practical, and less inclined to spout damaging fibs! With a pencil for a...

Price: £7.99 From Firebox
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The Art of Vintage DC Comics | Gifts For Men

The Art of Vintage DC Comics

This wonderful box set of postcards will make the perfect gift for any comic book fan. Celebrating 75 years of DC Comics, the collection contains 100 postcards with comic book...

Price: £14.95 From Bloomsbury Store
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Little Black Book | Gifts For Men

More Than A Number In My...

Little Black Book

The quintessential ‘Little Black Book’ - perfect for stylish lotharios about town...

Price: £35.00 From Smythson
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'Fetch' Card | Gifts For Men

'Fetch' Card

Dougal's Den now have a range of witty (but true) greeting cards inspired by everyone's favorite domesticated pals.

Price: £1.99 From Dougals Den
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Penguin Postcards | Gifts For Her

Penguin Postcards

Postcards that bibliophiles everywhere will love. This pack of classic postcards contains 100 of Penguin's iconic book cover prints.

Price: £14.95 From Bloomsbury Store
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"I Love My Mum" Bespoke Notebook

This beautiful notebook is the perfect present to show your mum just how much you love her. It can even be personalised with silver-stamp lettering of your choice, to make it...

Price: £35.00 From Smythson
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Heart Hole Punch | Gifts For Her

Heart Hole Punch

Knock them out with a punch with some passion. Suck UK's heart hole punch is the perfect way to capture the heart of your office crush. An adorable accessory for any paper-pusher.

Price: £8.10 From Amazon
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I Love You Telegram | Gifts For Her

Please Mr. Postman

I Love You Telegram

Send the age-old message of love with this wonderfully detailed 1940s-style telegram. Leave a lasting impression stamped upon that special someone's heart. Nothing...

Price: £10.00 From Not On The High Street
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Smythson "You Are My Sunshine" Notebook

If she brightens up your day and makes you smile, then do the same to her with this vibrant notebook from Smythson. Crafted from textured leather, this quality piece of...

Price: £45.00 From NET-A-PORTER
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'Work Hard, Play Hard' Bespoke Notebook | Gifts For Men

'Work Hard, Play Hard' Bespoke Notebook

A great gift for someone who has their priorities in check! This leather-bound notebook is a quality piece of stationery and can even be personalised with gold-stamp lettering...

Price: £45.00 From Smythson
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Alessi Paperclip Magnet | Gifts For Her

Alessi Paperclip Magnet

Make sure your paperclips don't fly away with this bird shaped magnetic clip holder. The magnets are located on the sides so that when you leave a clip it gives this little...

Price: £31.00 From Made In Design
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'Bosses I Had and Liked' Notebook | Gifts For Men

Sayonara Suckers

'Bosses I Had and Liked' Notebook

Whether it's tongue-in-cheek or genuine 'like', a departing colleague will get a kick out of this. Resist the urge to fill with rants - or worse, monologues of admiration.

Price: £11.00 From Not On The High Street
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"What do you think about when you're knitting?" Card

It may be world domination, existential musings on the nature of free will, or the washing up, but you will never know until you ask... (These gift cards are sold separately so...

Price: £2.90 From Polite
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Personalised Beer Glass Card | Gifts For Men

Personalised Beer Glass Card

Buy the man in your life a round and tell him what a mighty good man he is. For an extra special touch, it can be personalised too.

Price: £8.00 From Biscuiteers
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Retro Love Heart Sweets Stamp | Gifts For Her

Retro Love Heart Sweets Stamp

Leave your stamp on a Valentine or wedding anniversary card with these sweet love heart stamps to give your romantic interest the hint.

Price: £4.95 From Bloomsbury Store
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Pigskin Yachting Log Book | Gifts For Men

Pigskin Yachting Log Book

This beautiful notebook will make a great gift for any yachting aficionado. Hard-bound in quality pigskin leather, the log book contains tabulated pages allowing him to record...

Price: £250.00 From Smythson