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Pregnancy Gifts

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Giving someone the gift of life may be wonderful, but it's not easy. Pamper your pregnant pal with one of these fabulous pregnancy gifts.


How do you find just the right pregnancy gift for a new mother-to-be? It can be a difficult task, especially if she is the type to have every detail already planned out, down to the moment of the baby's actual birth. Or perhaps she's the last-minute pregnant mum, who hasn't a clue where to begin preparing for her transition into motherhood. Whatever the case, we've found brilliant pregnancy presents for both the mother and the baby. Your duty as Friend to Pregnant Woman is to support her during this crucial time of development - both the mother's and the baby's. To provide the kind words she needs to hear when she fears she's gotten cankles, be the shoulder she needs to cry on when her emotions - once again - spiral out of control, and most importantly, to give her the best pregnancy gift of all. It's a big job, but thankfully, you have us to help you with it.


Pregnancy Gifts - The Basics

When it comes to being a new mother, your friend has the right to drive you crazy with incessant worrying about her baby to come, and it won't end until all the basic preparations have been made. Calm this mum-to-be's anxieties and fire-breathing by supplying her with a pregnancy or baby basic, and save yourself from her direct line of fire. Some brilliant pregnancy gifts include books on expecting, a pregnancy cookbook, journal, bathrobe, or any pregnancy gift that will make her feel more comfortable! If you are more interested in a pregnancy gift that provides her with essentials for the baby, consider a crib, nappy bag, new baby clothes, car seat, or any other items she will need immediately upon the baby's arrival.


Pregnancy Gifts - Fun Presents

Once all the essentials are taken care of, help her relax with a fun pregnancy gift to celebrate her pregnancy and baby to come. If she knows the sex of the baby, choose some ultra-girly or very cute boy items. Think flowers and bows or cars and trains on clothes and room decorations. Or perhaps this mum-to-be could use a break from thinking about babies all day long. If that's the case, treat her to a pregnancy-friendly gift experience where she can escape reality for a few hours. Did someone call for a spa day?

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Red Hot Baby Changing Tote by Nico  | Gifts For Her

Red Hot Baby Changing Tote by Nico

Be a red hot yummy mummy when you carry around this smokin', slightly rock chic, patent leather baby changing bag. Practical, stylish and available in three other colours.

Price: £199.00 From Babes With Babies
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Personalised Friendship Bracelet | Gifts For Her

Personalised Friendship Bracelet

These beautiful bracelets will make a great gift for a new, or expectant mum in your life. Although your friendship may change through motherhood, this friendship bracelet is a...

Price: £69.00 From Babes With Babies
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Baby Breastfeeding Butterfly | Gifts For Her

Baby Breastfeeding Butterfly

This wonderful and innovative blanket was designed by a mum, for mums. It allows her to discreetly breastfeed baby in public while maintaining eye contact with baby. The...

Price: £25.00 From Jojo Maman Bebe
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Cool In Pink Moccasin Slippers | Gifts For Her

Cool In Pink Moccasin Slippers

Snuggle up at home in these Cool in Pink adult moccasins. Handmade in Sweden and composed of natural ecotex certified materials, Moccis feature a durable and flexible leather...

Price: £28.99 From Moccis
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'My Fabulous Friend Is Pregnant' Gift Box | Gifts For Her


'My Fabulous Friend Is Pregnant' Gift Box

This beautiful set makes a great gift to say ‘Congratulations' when someone you love announces their good news. The set includes a S warovski Crystal Friendship Ring and a...

Price: £39.00 From Babes With Babies
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Anya Hindmarch Baby Emergency Travel Kit | Gifts For Her

Baby Love

Anya Hindmarch Baby Emergency Travel Kit

Practicality and style are achieved in the right amounts with this baby bag. With a changing mat and labelled pockets to make for an easier life, it's not quite a Marry Poppins...

Price: £250.00 From Anya Hindmarch
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Offer Amoralia Nougatine Nursing Bra | Gifts For Her

Bravo Bravo!

Amoralia Nougatine Nursing Bra

A nursing bra that is practical and pretty, we never thought we'd see the day. Available in black, ivory or violet, this Amoralia brassiere is supportive, comfortable and...

Price: Was £41.50 Now £19.00 From Mama-la-mode
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Offer J-Brand Pregnancy Skinny Jeans | Gifts For Her

Skinny Minnie

J-Brand Pregnancy Skinny Jeans

Just because you're pregnant it doesn't mean you have to give up your skinny jeans! These cult jeans from J-Brand would make a fantastic gift for a fashion conscious girl who's...

Price: Was £168.00 Now £79.00 From Mama-la-mode
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Burt's Bees Babybee Bundle of Joy Gift Set | Gifts For Her

Gentle Goodies

Burt's Bees Babybee Bundle of Joy Gift Set

As many mums will testify Burts Bees make beautiful natural products that are perfect not only for babies delicate skin but for mums too. Burts Bees avoid using any chemical...

Price: £25.76 From Amazon
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Mama Mio Congratulations Kit | Gifts For Her

The Nine Month Stretcccch

Mama Mio Congratulations Kit

You get pregnant. You get fat, you can’t drink, smoke or even wear high heels- and then there’s the whole giving birth thing to look forward to! Do the right thing,...

Price: £46.00 From Heal's

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