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Kitchen & Cooking Gifts

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If they like cooking and baking, they'll love our selection of the best kitchen and cooking gifts. Everything they'll need to cook like a pro.


You Don't Have To Be Great At Cooking To Buy Great Kitchen & Cooking Gifts

You know what they say - if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Fortunately you don't have to be great at cooking to buy great kitchen and cooking gifts.  If you can't make toast, let alone cook anything involving more than one ingredient, just stick with giving the gift of cooking rather than participating in it. Just make sure to follow our recipe for brilliant Kitchen & Cooking gift ideas.


Kitchen & Cooking Gifts - Appliances

Even though you can't tell a spatula from a whisk, we are here to walk you through the most exquisite appliances that your friend would give her lucky oven mitt for. From basic to complex and from standard to beautiful designs, we have a buffet of cooking gift choices that will make your culinary-attuned friends' mouths water.


Kitchen & Cooking Gifts - Accessories

If you didn't know, part of the fun of cooking are the little extras that go into it. Unique cooking gift ideas like cake moulds and brilliant cupcake cases will always find a happy home in a budding chef's kitchen cabinet.

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Digital Measuring Scales & Jug  | Gifts For Her

Digital Measuring Scales & Jug

Jamie Oliver may have intuition down to a tee when it comes to baking, but us lay folk must carefully measure and mix in order to avoid disasters in the kitchen. Unfortunately...

Price: £22.99 From Firebox
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Ninjabread Men Cutters | Gifts For Kids

Ninjabread Men Cutters

Transform your boring old gingerbread men into crime-fighting black belts with these nifty Ninjabread Men cookie cutters! The set contains three different martial arts warriors...

Price: £7.99 From Firebox
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Munchstache Cookie Cutters | Gifts For Her

Munchstache Cookie Cutters

If you can't grow your own, these moustache-shaped cookie cutters will help you make the perfect facial hair substitute -that are even a little more tasty than the real thing!...

Price: £8.50 From Heal's
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Fashion Cookie Kit | Gifts For Her

Fashion Cookie Kit

With Biscuiteers' range of DIY cookie kits, you can create your own baked beauties with ease and panache, and the Fashion Cookie Cutter Kit will make the perfect gift for any...

Price: £35.00 From Biscuiteers
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Darth Vader Cake Tin | Gifts For Men

Darth Vader Cake Tin

The Dark Side's Sith Lord may be morally unjust, but he does make a mean dessert. This geeky baking tray will help you create your own villainous Darth Vader cake in time for...

Price: £9.99 From Firebox
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The Intelligent Wine Cooler | Gifts For Men

On A Different Kind Of Ice

The Intelligent Wine Cooler

Do they freeze the Pouilly-Fumé? Burn the Merlot? Serving wine at the right temperature is harder than you might think which is why this gift is as practical as it is...

Price: £63.11 From Amazon
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Alessi Bunny & Carrot Kitchen Paper Holder | Gifts For Couples

Alessi Bunny & Carrot Kitchen Paper Holder

Stefano Giovannoni's great skill has always been to bring magic to the mundane and this White Bunny & Carrot Kitchen Roll Holder is a fine example of this. Bring some fun to...

Price: £28.00 From Heal's
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Gallery Thea Bespoke Eggcup | Gifts For Kids

Gallery Thea Bespoke Eggcup

A beautifully bespoke Easter gift for someone special, Gallery Thea's eggcups can be personalised with the name of your choice. The piece will also include a charming painting...

Price: £14.50 From John Lewis
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Banksy Apron | Gifts For Her

Banksy Apron

If your mum is a little too street for a boring bunch of bluebells, then kit her out with one of these Banksy aprons. Nothing says "I love you" quite like contemporary...

Price: £11.99 From Shot Dead In The Head
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Red and White Bunny Whisk | Gifts For Her

Red and White Bunny Whisk

Hop on these red and white silicone bunny whisks before they're snatched up. With a small and a large whisk for whatever kind of whisking your ingredients need.

Price: £10.95 From Bloomsbury Store
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Green Sparrow & Egg Magnets | Gifts For Her

Green Sparrow & Egg Magnets

These fridge magnets are egg-cellent and a cool way to make your fridge look modern and unique. A little birdy told us that these cute magnets come on a stand with a green...

Price: £10.95 From Bloomsbury Store
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"Mummy...What's a Paris Hilton?" Coffee Mug

Get ready for that awkward conversation. The day your litlle girl realises we're not all made the same. The day she asks you, "Mummy...What's a Paris Hilton?" The...

Price: £8.99 From Shot Dead In The Head
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Bunny Shaped Cookie Cutter | Gifts For Kids

Bunny Shaped Cookie Cutter

Forget about Easter eggs this year and have chocolate chip rabbit cookies or ginger bread bunnies. Your kids will have fun getting their Easter bake on.

Price: £1.50 From John Lewis
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Koziol Salt & Pepper  | Gifts For Her

Koziol Salt & Pepper

These cute salt and pepper shakers will be at your beak and call at dinner times to add a flutter of flavor to your food.

Price: £26.50 From Made In Design
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Vintage Jam-Making Set | Gifts For Her

Vintage Jam-Making Set

This quaint gift set will make the perfect present for houseproud jam-makers. It is a beautiful collection that includes everything you need to create your own masterpieces, be...

Price: €11.20 (approx. £10.08) From The Homebarn
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'You're Just My Cup Of Tea' | Gifts For Men

'You're Just My Cup Of Tea'

We all enjoy a steaming mug of tea, but having someone to share it with makes it even better. So, if you can't express just how much they mean to you come Monday morning, let...

Price: £17.50 From Not On The High Street