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Green/ Eco-friendly Gifts

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If protecting the environment is their no. 1 priority and finding them a gift they’ll love is yours, everyone will be happy with this selection of stylish eco gifts.


Tree-huggers, unite! Help your eco-friendly friends toss aside - or more appropriately, recycle - those burlap sacks they've been wearing. There's no longer a need to live in fashion shame for the sake of saving the world one leather jacket at a time. Help them live a life more eco-friendly with our selection of the very best eco gifts on the web. It's never been so easy (or stylish) being green!


Eco Gifts - To Adorn the Home

Help them make their house an eco-friendly home with an eco gift that's the perfect shade of green. Whatever the occasion, we have loads of environmentally friendly gifts for the home that are both style- and green-savvy.


Eco Gifts - To Adorn the Body

Their body may be a temple, but really that's no excuse to wear ugly, albeit eco-friendly, clothing. Help them inject some green-chic into their wardrobe with our pick of the most stylish eco friendly clothes and accessories. They may be made from potatoes, but these eco gifts are so stylish that no-one will ever know! It's true what they say- one man's trash is another man's eco friendly treasure.

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Crunchy Organic Baby Outfit Gift Set | Gifts For Kids

Crunchy Organic Baby Outfit Gift Set

Taking inspiration from the farmer’s market and made from 100% certified organic cotton, this eco-friendly new baby set includes a comfy long sleeved tee and matching...

Price: £24.00 From Artransmitte
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Eco-Friendly Fair Trade Condoms (yes really!) | Gifts For Her

Eco Lover

Eco-Friendly Fair Trade Condoms (yes really!)

If you think the life of an Eco-Warrior is quite a bit worthy, but not very sexy, think again. These French Letter Condoms are made entirely from fair trade and FSC certified...

Price: £10.27 From Nigel's Eco Store
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Pin Dot Black Trolley Dolly | Gifts For Her

Supermarket Sweep!

Pin Dot Black Trolley Dolly

Say goodbye to plastic bags and hello to bag-lady love! The dreary headache of juggling old shopping bags, lists and tokens is solved in one fell swoop with this Pin Dot Black...

Price: £29.95 From ZPM
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Pair of AA Rechargeable USB Batteries | Gifts For Men

Pair of AA Rechargeable USB Batteries

These novel AA batteries are not only a revolutionary gadget that any geek-minded gal or guy will love, but they are Eco-friendly too. Simply, open the cap and use the USB...

Price: £11.22 From Nigel's Eco Store
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Premium Eco Yoga Mat | Gifts For Her

Downward Dog

Premium Eco Yoga Mat

Just think how virtuous she'll feel after her yoga practice on an eco-friendly mat. Made from fully recyclable non-toxic plastic with no latex, PVC or rubber making it safe for...

Price: £33.00 From Sweaty Betty
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Wild Flower Seed Eco Christmas Crackers | Gifts For Her

Wild Flower Seed Eco Christmas Crackers

Why add to the landfill this year when you can create something lasting and beautiful? Traditional crackers can be such a waste, however you can enjoy these seed paper crackers...

Price: £30.00 From Not On The High Street
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H2O Powered Shower Radio | Gifts For Men

H2O Powered Shower Radio

Everyone loves singing in the shower. That’s why shower radios were invented. Unfortunately batteries have a habit of dying just as you’re yelling the chorus of...

Price: £36.99 From Firebox
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'Adopt An Olive Tree' Nudo Gift | Gifts For Couples

'Adopt An Olive Tree' Nudo Gift

Adopt a tree from Italian olive grove, Nudo, for one year and you will receive all the produce from your tree. Show off your own delicious oil to your friends when you adopt an...

Price: £65.50 From Whisk Hampers
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Clay Compost Bucket | Gifts For Couples

Clay Compost Bucket

Do your bit for the environment when you get one of these attractive compost buckets for popping all your kitchen waste in to. It makes a great counter bin for peelings,tea bags...

Price: €17.95 (approx. £16.16) From The Homebarn
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Eco Handloomed Rugs | Gifts For Her

Eco Handloomed Rugs

Add some 'Camping with Soul' style to the floor of your tent with these handmade rugs. They are durable enough for camping while remaining soft under your feet. The perfect...

Price: £29.00 From Bell Tent UK
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Tea Lovers' Eco-Cup  | Gifts For Her

Tea Lovers' Eco-Cup

A pretty neat gift for any tea-lover, this eco-friendly design is as practical as it is stylish. The porcelain cup includes a silicone lid and can withstand temperatures of up...

Price: £7.49 From Amazon
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Naturalmat | Gifts For Her


These beautifully made mattresses are a must-have for any kitted-out camper and are the result of a collaboration between Camping with Soul and the Natural Mat Company. Each...

Price: £99.00-£159.00 From Bell Tent UK
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Lazy Cow Soothing Soap | Gifts For Her

Lazy Cow Soothing Soap

This woody, oriental blended soap leaves you feeling warm and peaceful with essential oils of jasmine, chamomile and sandalwood. Jasmine deeply relaxes, chamomile calms, and...

Price: £8.00 From COWSHED
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Potato Powered Clock | Gifts For Kids

Potato Powered Clock

Cash in your chips for some real eco-friendly energy with this cool potato-powered clock kit. It comes supplied with everything required to turn your humble spud into a ticking...

Price: £12.00 From Science Museum Store
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Star Leather Necklace | Gifts For Kids

Star Leather Necklace

Inspired by childhood fairytales, Katherine Edmonds' designs are all hand-made using ancient craftsmanship methods. Produced according to fair trade and environmental...

Price: €40.00 (approx. £36.01) From Little Fashion Gallery
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Honeycomb Sponge | Gifts For Her

Honeycomb Sponge

This Cowshed honeycomb sponge originates from the East Mediterranean and is perfect for bathing. All divers used in sourcing Cowshed products are registered and closely...

Price: £17.00 From COWSHED