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 At last a proper old fashioned toy shop, online. Toyday specializes in everything from yesteryear favourites, traditional wooden toys, to classic toys that are simply timeless. With something special for all budgets Toydays is a brilliant resource for educational presents and great gifts for kids of all ages.

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Great gift ideas from Toyday

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'Grow a Girlfriend' Toy | Gifts For Men

'Grow a Girlfriend' Toy

The perfect solution for any lonely hearts! Place your miniature girlfriend in water and watch lovingly as she expands 600% over a 3 days period. Not only is she a fine looking...

Price: £1.99
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'Grow a Dozen Roses' Toy | Gifts For Her

'Grow a Dozen Roses' Toy

They say that evey rose has it's thorn - well not these beauties. For roses that will last as long as your love will, place these miniature blooms into water and watch expand...

Price: £1.99
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Grow Your Own Venus Fly Trap Kit | Gifts For Kids

Grow Your Own Venus Fly Trap Kit

Inside this ingenious box you will find plant seeds, a compost pellet and a terracotta pot - everything required to get growing your own veuns fly trap!

Price: £3.99
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'Grow A New Husband' Toy | Gifts For Her

'Grow A New Husband' Toy

The perfect solution for any distressed wife! Place your miniature husband in water and watch, over a period of 72 hours, as he expands 600%. He doesn't snore, hog the remote or...

Price: £1.99
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'Grow a Boyfriend' Toy | Gifts For Men

'Grow a Boyfriend' Toy

The perfect solution for any lonely hearts! Simply pop your miniature new beau into water and watch adoringly as he grows 600% over 3 days. He's polite, he never snores and...

Price: £1.99
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Grow a New Wife | Gifts For Men

Grow a New Wife

Place your new mini bride in water and watch as she expands 600% over a period of 72 hours. The perfect woman, she will never run up huge credit card bills, doesn't carry any...

Price: £1.99
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Build Your Own Alarmed Safe Kit | Gifts For Kids

Build Your Own Alarmed Safe Kit

Learn how to connect a wire circuit while constructing an alarmed safe to keep your cash safe. Build and configure the digital lock and install an alarm buzzer to keep miserly...

Price: £17.99
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'Tweedy' Push Along Wooden Chick | Gifts For Kids

Tweedy Bird

'Tweedy' Push Along Wooden Chick

Meet our friend Tweedy, the delightful wooden push along chick that flaps his little wings excitedly as he's pushed along. A gorgeous gift and classic addition to any nursery or...

Price: £11.99
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Wooden Egg Tower | Gifts For Kids

If I Had A Hammer...

Wooden Egg Tower

Toddlers love to bash just about anything and this wonderful wooden Egg Tower games is perfect for tiny hands. It's a cute twist on the traditional hammer and ball game whereby...

Price: £10.99
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Grow a Degree Novelty | Gifts For Men

Grow a Degree Novelty

Who needs college when you can just grow your own degree? Pop it in water for 72 hours and watch it expand by 600%.

Price: £1.99
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Glow-in-the-Dark Adhesive Stars | Gifts For Kids

Glow-in-the-Dark Adhesive Stars

Let them fall asleep stargazing! Perfect for decorating the ceiling of a child's bedroom or nursery these lovely adhesive stars will glow in the dark and bring the night's sky...

Price: £3.99
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Stacking Rainbow Rings | Gifts For Kids

Stacking Rainbow Rings

This traditional wooden toy is perfect for little hands. With a wonderfully wobbly base and jolly little face to go on top, there is hours of fun to be had with this stacking...

Price: £8.99