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Pandora Bell

Delicious traditional confectionery

Pandora Bell Once Upon a Time Confectionery pays homage to the era of the old fashioned sweet shop, using traditional methods and the best quality ingredients. Pandora Bell believes that a high quality daily treat is more satisfying and a healthier way to enjoy something sweet. Beautiful food and timeless recipes... that is how the magic happens.

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Ships to: United Kingdom, Ireland, Mainland Europe

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Great gift ideas from Pandora Bell

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Salted Butter Caramels with Fleur de Sel (Churn) | Gifts For Her

Just Don't Call Them Toffees.....

Salted Butter Caramels with Fleur de Sel (Churn)

.... these outrageously tasty morsels are made using a traditional French recipe and without artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.  The ingredients for these...

Price: €10.95 (approx. £9.58)
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Mint Handmade Lollipop, 80g | Gifts For Kids

My Boy Lollipop!

Mint Handmade Lollipop, 80g

Pandora Bell's gorgeously retro Lollipops are handmade in the traditional way, by stretching and rolling sugar syrup. They include no artificial nastiness, indeed the only...

Price: €2.50 (approx. £2.19)
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Handmade Vanilla Gourmet Candy Cane | Gifts For Kids

Handmade Vanilla Gourmet Candy Cane

We're sweet on these traditional Handmade Vanilla Candy Canes.

Price: €2.00 (approx. £1.75)
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Clove Rock | Gifts For Her

Clove Rock

If your loved one is the sweetest thing, then treat them to some delicious handmade clove rock from Pandora Bell. The retro sweet is the perfect choice for lovers with a sweet...

Price: €7.95 (approx. £6.96)
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Chocolate-Covered Honey & Hazelnut Nougat | Gifts For Her

Chocolate-Covered Honey & Hazelnut Nougat

This luxurious treat was crafted by Pandora Bell using no artificial colours or flavourings. Rich in honey, the nougat is mixed with crunchy hazelnuts and then covered in...

Price: €7.95 (approx. £6.96)
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Chocolate-Covered Coffee Nougat with Hazelnuts | Gifts For Her

Chocolate-Covered Coffee Nougat with Hazelnuts

This soft and creamy nougat from Pandora Bell boasts intense flavours of cruchy hazelnuts and Italian coffee, and is covered in delicious dark chocolate. This is one luxurious...

Price: €7.95 (approx. £6.96)
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Almond & Pistachio Honey Nougat | Gifts For Her

Almond & Pistachio Honey Nougat

With no artificial colours or flavourings, you can eat this creamy, white bar of nougat guilt-free. With a savoury bite of Italian almonds and pistachios, the bar is rich in...

Price: €7.95 (approx. £6.96)
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Orange & Almond Honey Nougat | Gifts For Her

Orange & Almond Honey Nougat

Made using a traditional Italian recipe this soft and creamy nougat is made from honey, almonds and candied orange, and uses only natural ingredients. With a citrus instensity...

Price: €7.95 (approx. £6.96)
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Handmade Lollipops | Gifts For Kids

Handmade Lollipops

Sugar, spice and all things nice, that's what little girls are made of. Well, in our experience boys are as partial to the odd sugary treat as us ladies are and these handmade...

Price: €2.50 (approx. £2.19)
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Butter Fudge | Gifts For Her

Butter Fudge

You will not find a crumblier, sweeter or more buttery fudge than Pandora Bell's. This is the real McCoy. Traditionally made it is cooled naturally and then hand-broken into...

Price: €4.50 (approx. £3.94)
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Real Fruit Jellies | Gifts For Her

Real Fruit Jellies

Taste the tang of real strawberries, apricots, lemons, raspberries and pears. These sublime sweet swill deliver a fresh burst of flavour with every piece and if that wasn't...

Price: €4.99 (approx. £4.37)