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Nippaz With Attitude

Kids clothes with attitude

In 2001 Nippaz With Attitude was born in to our world, bringing with it clothes for babies and toddlers that laughed in the face of conventional cutesie, bunny covered baby. They decided it was time to provide cool parents,relatives and friends with kickass clothing and gifts for their kickass kids.

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Kids Clothes & Accessories

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Great gift ideas from Nippaz With Attitude

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"Mama Ain't Raisin' No Fool" Pink Babygrow

Inspired by A-Team legend, Mr. T, this bold babygrow is dripping with attitude. We pity the fool who don't take this brazen baby seriously when wearing this outrageous outfit.

Price: £16.99
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'Hell Yeah!' Body Vest & Tee Shirt | Gifts For Kids

Do You Want a Nap?

'Hell Yeah!' Body Vest & Tee Shirt

Some kids are just born with attitude and might need a helping hand expressing themselves, especially if they are still too young to talk. This 'Hell Yeah' Body Vest and Tee...

Price: £9.99
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"Time I Need A-Changin'"

When a hard rain has a-fallen this fashionably folk number will remind you that it is time they need a-changin. An ode to Bob, this dapper Dylan design is available on a...

Price: £16.99-£18.99
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Krink Ink Nippaz T-Shirt | Gifts For Kids

Krink Ink Nippaz T-Shirt

The original and the best Nippaz With Attitude logo shirt for the tiny tearaway in your life. Available in day-glo electric pink or orange.

Price: £16.99
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Krink Ink Nippaz Babygrow | Gifts For Kids

Krink Ink Nippaz Babygrow

Let your little punk stick it to the man with this graffiti Krink Drip babygrow. Available in fearsome day-glo electric pink or orange.

Price: £16.99
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Mutha Sucka Bib | Gifts For Kids

Mutha Sucka Bib

A design for all the rocking mutha’s (and fatha’s) out there who love to rock harder and faster than most... Choose from the classic black on white combo, or the...

Price: £9.99
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Patrolling the Edge - Tactical Body Vest | Gifts For Kids

Patrolling the Edge - Tactical Body Vest

This babygrow will certainly let adults know who's boss. The all new grey marl version is available in magenta print for girls, and blue print for boys.

Price: £9.99
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BA/BY Babygrows | Gifts For Kids

BA/BY Babygrows

For those with kids, we salute you. Check out these rocking tribute to AC/DC. Choose heatsealed white for boys, or rubine pink print for baby girls.

Price: £16.99
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"What Would Joe Strummer Do?" Babygrow

Make sure your little punk's clothes don't 'Clash' with this too-cool-for-pre-school Joe Strummer -inspired baby grow. For babies with a seriously rock 'n' roll attitude only.

Price: £16.99
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Love 'N' Hate Mittens | Gifts For Kids

Sock It To 'Em

Love 'N' Hate Mittens

Individually screenprinted by hand, these inspired mittens are sure to give little ones the edge in the creche. They may not be able to talk yet, but they can still make a bold...

Price: £7.49
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"Smile Now, Cry Later" Babywear

 A 1970's style homage to the iconic tattoo design, this stylish baby wear will offer some solace to sleepless parents, run-ragged and on the point of tears. Available in a...

Price: £16.99
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'Some Bigger Kids Did It and Ran Away' Baby Vest | Gifts For Kids


'Some Bigger Kids Did It and Ran Away' Baby Vest

Angelic little faces perennially see kids out of almost any situation; but failing that, pair the cherubic grin with a priceless get-out phrase and they're in business. Nippaz...

Price: £16.99