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Nigel's Eco Store

Environmentally friendly products

An eco store that promotes a happy green lifestyle, Nigel's Eco Store puts the 'friendly' into 'environmentally friendly'. Never worthy or dull, they make a conscious effort to offer products that are 'fun, functional and desirable' while also being creative, natural, organic, made of reusable material or non-polluting. Products range from clever energy saving gadgets to fine organic foods and cool clothing, all proving that you don't have to compromise your style or your standards to be planet kind.

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Garden Green/ Eco-friendly Outdoor

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Ships to: United Kingdom, Ireland, Mainland Europe

Standard Delivery up to 1kg  £3.95 (3-5 days)

Standard Delivery1kg-2kg £4.95 (3-5 days)

Standard Delivery over 2kg £6.95 (3-5 days)

48 hour Priority Delivery up to 1kg £5.95

48 hour Priority Delivery 1kg-2kg £6.95

48 hour Priority Delivery over 2kg £9.95

FREE Delivery on orders over £50.00

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Great gift ideas from Nigel's Eco Store

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Carve Your Own Valentine's Card | Gifts For Men


Carve Your Own Valentine's Card

If you're looking for a unique, not to mention environmentally friendly way to say 'I love you', how about sending the object of your affection a hand carved declaration of...

Price: £4.99
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hyG Ionic Toothbrush | Gifts For Men

No Paste Required

hyG Ionic Toothbrush

No longer do you need to traipse over to the communal camping tap clutching a crusted tube of paste to brush your teeth, this hyG Ionic toothbrush is ready-to-use anywhere. It's...

Price: £11.22
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Organic Cotton Sleeping Bag | Gifts For Her

Candy Stripe Camping

Organic Cotton Sleeping Bag

Hand made in Kerala in a factory which guarantees workers' rights, this 100% cotton sleeping bag comes in 3 different ice-cream colour variations. Pretty, ethical and comfy...

Price: £74.99
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Recycled Tyre Horse Swing | Gifts For Kids

Giddy Up

Recycled Tyre Horse Swing

If your budget doesn't quite stretch to a pony, start them off with one of these adorable horse tyre swings. Made from recycled tires and suitable for both indoor and outdoor...

Price: £81.70
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Recycled Hands Free Wine Glass Holder | Gifts For Her

No More Toppled Tipples

Recycled Hands Free Wine Glass Holder

Amaze your fellow al fesco habitué with this ingenious (and ethical) Recycled Plastic Wine Glass Holder. No more watering the garden with your favorite Pinot, this clever...

Price: £4.99
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Wrap-n-Mat Sandwich Bag | Gifts For Her

Don't Get Clingy

Wrap-n-Mat Sandwich Bag

Packing homemade sarnies is a minefield. Wrapped in clingfilm or tinfoil, they're easily squished. In a lunchbox, they get that weird 'lunchbox smell', but we've found a...

Price: £4.99
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Pair of AA Rechargeable USB Batteries | Gifts For Men

Pair of AA Rechargeable USB Batteries

These novel AA batteries are not only a revolutionary gadget that any geek-minded gal or guy will love, but they are Eco-friendly too. Simply, open the cap and use the USB...

Price: £11.22
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Paperweight Desk | Gifts For Men

Desk to Impress

Paperweight Desk

We'll see your paper airplane and raise you...a Paperweight Desk made from 100% recyclable cardboard. If you have to be shackled to a desk it might as well be at a strong but...

Price: £155.22
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Eco-Friendly Fair Trade Condoms (yes really!) | Gifts For Her

Eco Lover

Eco-Friendly Fair Trade Condoms (yes really!)

If you think the life of an Eco-Warrior is quite a bit worthy, but not very sexy, think again. These French Letter Condoms are made entirely from fair trade and FSC certified...

Price: £10.27
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Ecotronic Vampire Bat Torch | Gifts For Kids

Good Thinking, Batman!

Ecotronic Vampire Bat Torch

Bats, despite being blind, can use a form of radar to see in the dark. For the rest of us, there are torches. We especially love this bat themed one, which should give little...

Price: £4.99
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Dolphin Wind Up LED Torch | Gifts For Men

Not (just) A Wind Up

Dolphin Wind Up LED Torch

Those who say only women can multi-task haven't encountered the Dolphin Wind Up Torch. Not only will this bad boy light your way in the dark but wind it up for three minutes and...

Price: £7.99
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Solar Camping Shower | Gifts For Men

Wet and Wild

Solar Camping Shower

So you're dirty, spent and craving a hot shower.  Thank goodness you thought ahead and packed this genius eco-friendly kit.  Having filled it up and left in the sun...

Price: £9.95