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MAKE International

Quality Ceramics and Home accessories

Specialising in home and tableware to turn both heads and hearts, MAKE designs and produces everything from egg cups and memorable mugs to cake stands with a difference. Unique and identifiable, there are a variety of quality ceramic ranges available, from designers such as Martin Wiscombe, Keith Brymer Jones and Rachel Barker. Tea from one of the cups in the gloriously kitsch 'Bisuits' range, with a splash of milk from our personal favourite - the 'Sex, Jugs and Rock n' Roll' punk jug cannot help but warm the heart. Great gifts that make the ordinary a little extraordinary.

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Great gift ideas from MAKE International

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Keith Brymer Jones

Keith Brymer Jones "Oil" & "Vinegar" Bottle Set

From the minimalistic word range collection designed by Keith Brymer Jones come this sleek set of Oil and Vinegar bottles. Made from white silicon, the words "oil" and...

Price: £18.00
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'What Came First?' Egg Cup Set | Gifts For Couples

An Eggsistential Breakfast

'What Came First?' Egg Cup Set

Start their day on a philosophical note with these deliciously delicate porcelain stamped egg cups. Sure to get dusty brain cogs stirring at the breakfast table. For the record,...

Price: £15.50
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Baby Crockery Set | Gifts For Kids

Hey Baby

Baby Crockery Set

These gorgeous three piece crockery sets come beautifully packaged and are gently embossed with a pink heart for girls and a blue star for boys. They make great 'welcome to our...

Price: £30.64
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'Biscuits' Mugs | Gifts For Men


'Biscuits' Mugs

Definitely not a gift for those watching their weight. Artist Martin Winscombe has immortalised his favourite biscuits in these delightfully cheery cups. The only downside is...

Price: £9.00
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'Sex and Mugs and Rock 'n Roll' Bucket Mug | Gifts For Her

Punk Crock

'Sex and Mugs and Rock 'n Roll' Bucket Mug

This wonderful mug, with its strategically placed safety pin and Ian Drury pun, is the perfect addition to anarchic coffee mornings. A heart-warming gift for anyone with a...

Price: £12.50
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Keith Brymer Jones

Keith Brymer Jones "Butter" Dish

This sleek butter dish comes from Keith Brymer Jone's minimalist word range collection of interior ware. Just the right size to fit a standard block of butter, the super-white...

Price: £18.00
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Keith Brymer Jones

Keith Brymer Jones "Brush" Beaker

This sleek beaker brush is designed by Keith Brymer Jones and is part of a minimalistic word range collection of home-wares. Inlaid on the super-white porcelain in blue is the...

Price: £8.00-£18.00
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Neisha Crosland Teapot | Gifts For Her

Neisha Crosland Teapot

We hardly needed a reason to indulge in our afternoon tea daydream, before this sweet Neisha Crosland Range Teapot came into our lives. Best used in conjunction with cucumber...

Price: £125.00
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Keith Brymer Jones'

Keith Brymer Jones' "Salt" Pig

The term 'pig' was denoted to a pot, jar or crock by the Scots and northern Brits and it was later that the recognisable 'pig' shape arose. One application that wasn't lost in...

Price: £18.50
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Keith Brymer Jones

Keith Brymer Jones "Love" Jug

Serve up some love with this white porcelain jug from Keith Brymer Jones' Word range collection. The sleek and subtle piece is inlaid with the word "love" in red,...

Price: £9.00
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'Smells Like Tea Spirit' Porcelain Mug | Gifts For Men

'Smells Like Tea Spirit' Porcelain Mug

Bring a little Nirvana to your tea break with this irresistible rock 'n' roll mug. Part of Keith Brymer Jones' punk collection for Make International. Featuring the infamous...

Price: £12.50
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Keith Brymer Jones'

Keith Brymer Jones' "Chocolate" Green & Black's Gift Set

Never mind diamonds, chocolate is truly a girl's best friend, making the tasty teamwork of MAKE International and Green & Black's a most satisfying gift. The sleek and...

Price: £13.50