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In 1977 Steven Jobs and Stephen Wozniak put together their first computer in the Jobs family garage. The result is history (and more than a few 'can't live without' gadgets). When every other computer manufacturer decreed that a computer should be ugly (and beige) Apple brought us the beautiful iMac. When you used to have to carry your CD collection around with you, they brought us the iPod. And now there's the MacBook Air, the iPhone and the iPad... Quite simply Apple make brilliant and beautiful machines that have changed the way we live. Not bad for two nerdy guys in a garage.

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Great gift ideas from Apple

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iPad 3 | Gifts For Men

The Big Apple

iPad 3

The anticipation for the iPad3 seemed to completely take over all media outlets for months and months before its release. It felt like a really long pregnancy. But now that's it...

Price: £399.00-£659.00
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Apple TV | Gifts For Couples

TV Now!

Apple TV

This ingenious little box allows you to stream movies, music and photos straight to your TV.  You can use it to rent movies without the hassle of leaving the house, or view...

Price: £99.00
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Vuzix Wrap 920 Video Glasses | Gifts For Kids

X-ray Spex

Vuzix Wrap 920 Video Glasses

Give them a real close-encounter with these state-of-the-art 3D video glasses.  With these x-ray spex they can watch their favourite...

Price: £199.95
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iPod touch | Gifts For Men

Touch And Go

iPod touch

As shiny and lovely as all new Apple products are, the new iPod touch is (internally) quite a leap from previous incarnations. The integration of the apple of Apple's eye -...

Price: £1,699.00
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IPod nano | Gifts For Her

Nanoo Nanoo

IPod nano

Yes, it really IS that small! They are not giant earphones, it's just that the new iPod nano is TEENY. In facts and figures, it's 46% smaller and 42% lighter than its ancestor....

Price: £115.00-£129.00
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iPod Socks | Gifts For Kids

Get your socks on, get your socks on baby…

iPod Socks

Like the best ideas, this one is real simple: a pack of six cosy socks in super bright colours designed to keep any model of iPod (iPhone, iTouch, Nano…) safe and warm. ...

Price: £20.00
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Mac Book Air Laptop | Gifts For Men


Mac Book Air Laptop

The new Mac Book Air is not just the best looking laptop we’ve ever seen, it’s so incredibly light you can bring it with you without putting your back out. And just...

Price: £849.00-£1,349.00
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iPod Shuffle | Gifts For Kids

Truffle Shuffle

iPod Shuffle

Now smaller, Apple's iPod shuffle houses 2GB of choons to clip to your clothes. Our fave new feature is the improved VoiceOver button, which now speaks the songtitle, playlist,...

Price: £40.00
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LaCie 500GB Rugged Hard Disk | Gifts For Men

Back it Up!

LaCie 500GB Rugged Hard Disk

Techies will delight in this LaCie Rugged Hard Disk. With a portable design by Neil Poulton holds 500GB of memory within its shock resistant rubber sleeve. Works on Mac OS...

Price: £119.95
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iPhone 4S | Gifts For Men

Call Me!

iPhone 4S

As sexy and intutive as anything else by Apple, the new and improved iPhone 4S' design is exceptional with an elegant touch screen that's packed with eye candy. It also...

Price: £499.00-£699.00
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Knomo 15

Laptop Leader

Knomo 15" London Bristol East-West Messenger Bag for MacBook Pro

The crusade to find the perfect laptop bag continues but this Knomo 15" London Bristol East-West Messenger Bag for MacBook Pro is looking like a serious front-runner. ...

Price: £99.95