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Mistress Gifts

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If it's not your movie star looks or sparkling wit that's keeping her hanging around, we've got a few gift ideas that might. Gifts for a mistress she'll love you for (honest!).


Working late at the office? Had a weekend meeting down the country? Missing church on Sunday? We know what you've been up to, and if you want to keep that mistress you're going to have treat her with some pretty spectacular gifts. You may think you love her, or simply just love her body but make no mistake; mistress gifts aren't meant to be meaningful, so save the lovey-dovey stuff and get ready to splash some serious cash.

Mistress Gifts - Make Sure They're Good

Gifts for mistresses have got to be above par, so you better be feeling generous or your gift is likely to disappoint. Never forget you are always only ever one bad gift from the end of the affair.


Mistress Gifts - Spice It Up
Turn up the temperature on your saucy secret weekends away with a decadent treat or some sexy underwear. You might as well make the most of your time spent together.

Finally: Hide The Evidence
Remember Fatal Attraction? That's all we have to say.

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Cheeky Notebook | Gifts For Her

Naughty Notes

Cheeky Notebook

Handmade in the U.K. using Italian leather, this fiery pink notebook is just calling out to be filled with your cheekiest inner thoughts. Just be careful who you let read it!

Price: £40.00 From COWSHED
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Pearl Handcuffs | Gifts For Her

Sorry, She's Tied Up Right Now

Pearl Handcuffs

If she's been a very, very bad girl this year she might well find these glamorous pearl hand cuffs waiting for her under the tree. Fastened with a velvet ribbon, just make sure...

Price: £50.00 From Myla
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Souffrez Pour Moi by Ninette van Kamp | Gifts For Her

Suffer For Love

Souffrez Pour Moi by Ninette van Kamp

If pain is her pleasure give her a secret thrill with these naughty knickers. Designed by Ninette van Kamp with the decoration on the inside, they leave a temporary design...

Price: £169.00 From Generate
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Stella McCartney Days Of The Week Knickers (black) | Gifts For Her

Clever Knicks

Stella McCartney Days Of The Week Knickers (black)

Don't get your knickers in a twist trying to decide what to wear in the morning. Each pair of these pretty black silk-blend undies is edged with a frilled lace trim and...

Price: £125.00 From NET-A-PORTER
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'I Wonder' Screen Print | Gifts For Men

No Subtext Required

'I Wonder' Screen Print

Stylishly printed in simple white lettering on a plain black background the words  'I wonder if you think about me as much as I think about you' are a simple and stylish...

Price: £55.00 From Not On The High Street
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Whip Me Hold Ups | Gifts For Her

This Is A Hold Up

Whip Me Hold Ups

Agent Provocateur specialise in cheeky, naughty, sexy gifts that men are guaranteed to like as much, if not more, than their partners. These hold-ups, which offer a kind of...

Price: £35.00 From Agent Provocateur
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'Mrs Mills Solves All Your Problems' By Mrs Mills | Gifts For Her

Unsound Advice

'Mrs Mills Solves All Your Problems' By Mrs Mills

The Sunday Times' embittered Agony Aunt Mrs. Mills has been described as "one of the most cold-hearted, unempathetic women" in London. We love her, and this collection...

Price: £7.59 From Amazon
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Leather Love Notes Envelope | Gifts For Her


Leather Love Notes Envelope

Despite the rumours, romance is far from dead. This fuchsia leather 'Love Notes' envelope, lined with jacquard silk, is perfectly designed for storing your romantic...

Price: £78.00 From Thomas Lyte
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Elsa Peretti 'Pearls By The Yard' Earrings | Gifts For Her

Bring All The Boys To The Yard

Elsa Peretti 'Pearls By The Yard' Earrings

Elsa Peretti designs some of the most elegant jewellery for Tiffany & Co. and these beautiful 'Pearls By The Yard' collection earrings are no exception. Luminescent cultured...

Price: £290.00 From Tiffany
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Heart Nipple Tassels | Gifts For Her

Wear Your Heart On Your Nipples

Heart Nipple Tassels

Give him a gift he'll never forget - nothing quite says 'I love you' like sticking a pair of tassled sequin covered hearts on your nipples!

Price: £35.00 From Agent Provocateur
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Crystal Tipped Whip | Gifts For Her

Crystal Swing

Crystal Tipped Whip

Crystal tipped whip from the sexiest shop store on the web. Being bad has never felt so good!

Price: £145.00 From Agent Provocateur
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Chocolate Biscuit Hot Pants Card | Gifts For Her

Chocolate Biscuit Hot Pants Card

Biscuits have never been this risque, give your loved one a special treat with the chocolate biscuit hot pants card.

Price: £9.00 From Biscuiteers

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