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Boyfriend Gifts

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Men are simple folk, so why is it when it comes to buying your boyfriend gifts, it’s anything but simple? If you need a little help finding the perfect gift for your perfect man, check out these brilliant boyfriend gifts.


Want to impress your man with a brilliant boyfriend gift? It's easier than you think! Walk away from the socks and boxer shorts and check out our pick of the best boyfriend gifts on the web. He'll be so impressed he may even give up an evening of football to spend some time with you. We kid you not.


Boyfriend Gifts for the Sports Fanatic
Is your boyfriend obsessed with sports? For once this might be more of a help than a hindrance. Be it football, golf, tennis, rugby or some other sport that has a ball, you are onto a winner when it comes to choosing a boyfriend gift he'll love. Embrace his sporty ways and choose some unique sports memorabilia or merchandise for championship league boyfriend gifts he'll be bragging to his mates about. Officially securing your place as 'the ultimate girlfriend.'


Boyfriend Gifts for Fashionista Fellas
Women are always complaining that their men would do well to be a little more style savvy, so if your boyfriend takes pride in his looks, rejoice!. You now have carte blanche to pick out a stylish boyfriend gift that you both will like. Him wearing it, and you looking at him wearing it - everyone's a winner!


Boyfriend Gifts for the Gadget Wizard
Boys really do love their toys, so if your man is gadget mad he'll be super impressed with the latest gadget or a gadget he's never seen before. Boyfriend gifts really have come a long way from giving them your glove or your handkerchief!

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Bespoke "Memories"

The perfect gift to remind someone of their fondest memories, or simply, the things that they love the most be it their favourite pastimes, childrens' names, wedding day or...

Price: £95.00 From Not On The High Street
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Personalised M&M's | Gifts For Her

Sweets For Your Sweet

Personalised M&M's

Melt their hearts with a gorgeous gift box of M&M's, personalised with your own cheesy messages. Chose your own colours, text and gift box or gift bag. Is there a sweeter...

Price: £27.50-£37.50 From My M&M's
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Milk Chocolate Hero Tablet | Gifts For Men

Holding Out For A Hero

Milk Chocolate Hero Tablet

Whether he’s an Adonis or a regular Joe, your man deserves some recognition once in a while, preferably in edible form. We're sure Bonnie Tyler would approve.

Price: £8.00 From Hotel Chocolat
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Little Book of I Love You by Sacha Goldberger | Gifts For Her

Three Words

Little Book of I Love You by Sacha Goldberger

Give romance a helping hand with a mini tome filled with ideas on how to say ‘I Love You’ in unusual ways. Sacha Goldgerger’s best seller is back with a nifty...

Price: £6.79 From Amazon
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'If You See Kay' by Brian Jones | Gifts For Men

Shall I Spell It Out For You?

'If You See Kay' by Brian Jones

When words are not enough, try letters. This Signed Limited Edition giclee by Brian Jones should help you get the message across.

Price: £250.00 From Art Republic
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'Who's Sorry Now?' Paperback by Howard Jacobson | Gifts For Men

Regrets? I've Had A Few

'Who's Sorry Now?' Paperback by Howard Jacobson

A comical examination of misery and unhappiness might not sound like the most engaging read, but in this novel about a South London luggage baron Howard Jacobson once again hits...

Price: £8.09 From Amazon
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'Oops I'm Sorry' Greetings Card | Gifts For Her

Oops I Did It Again

'Oops I'm Sorry' Greetings Card

When saying sorry isn't enough, it's time to put it in writing. When a letter won't do, it's time to invest in a card. Choose this one to simultaneously lighten the mood and...

Price: £2.50 From Not On The High Street
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I'm Sorry Hand-Iced Card | Gifts For Men

I'm Sorry Hand-Iced Card

Say sorry and let them eat your words with these hand iced apologetic chocolate biscuits.

Price: £9.00 From Biscuiteers
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Twat T-Shirt | Gifts For Men

I'm With... Twat

Twat T-Shirt

Nobody wants to be your friend when you're wearing this t-shirt, that's why it's such a perfect way to say 'I'm sorry'. The unwritten rule is you must walk around with whoever...

Price: £15.00 From Shot Dead In The Head
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Salted Butter Caramels with Fleur de Sel (Churn) | Gifts For Her

Just Don't Call Them Toffees.....

Salted Butter Caramels with Fleur de Sel (Churn)

.... these outrageously tasty morsels are made using a traditional French recipe and without artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.  The ingredients for these...

Price: €10.95 (approx. £9.58) From Pandora Bell

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