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Boyfriend Gifts

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Men are simple folk, so why is it when it comes to buying your boyfriend gifts, it’s anything but simple? If you need a little help finding the perfect gift for your perfect man, check out these brilliant boyfriend gifts.


Want to impress your man with a brilliant boyfriend gift? It's easier than you think! Walk away from the socks and boxer shorts and check out our pick of the best boyfriend gifts on the web. He'll be so impressed he may even give up an evening of football to spend some time with you. We kid you not.


Boyfriend Gifts for the Sports Fanatic
Is your boyfriend obsessed with sports? For once this might be more of a help than a hindrance. Be it football, golf, tennis, rugby or some other sport that has a ball, you are onto a winner when it comes to choosing a boyfriend gift he'll love. Embrace his sporty ways and choose some unique sports memorabilia or merchandise for championship league boyfriend gifts he'll be bragging to his mates about. Officially securing your place as 'the ultimate girlfriend.'


Boyfriend Gifts for Fashionista Fellas
Women are always complaining that their men would do well to be a little more style savvy, so if your boyfriend takes pride in his looks, rejoice!. You now have carte blanche to pick out a stylish boyfriend gift that you both will like. Him wearing it, and you looking at him wearing it - everyone's a winner!


Boyfriend Gifts for the Gadget Wizard
Boys really do love their toys, so if your man is gadget mad he'll be super impressed with the latest gadget or a gadget he's never seen before. Boyfriend gifts really have come a long way from giving them your glove or your handkerchief!

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'All You Need Is Love' Book | Gifts For Her

'All You Need Is Love' Book

A cute hardback book about romance and a reminder that in economically harsh times all you really need is love.

Price: £4.99 From Bloomsbury Store
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Heart Hole Punch | Gifts For Her

Heart Hole Punch

Knock them out with a punch with some passion. Suck UK's heart hole punch is the perfect way to capture the heart of your office crush. An adorable accessory for any paper-pusher.

Price: £8.10 From Amazon
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The Smitten | Gifts For Her

The Smitten

Taking your jacket off to keep her warm may be a more romantic option, but hey, sometimes you get cold too. The Smitten is the perfectly mushy solution that will keep your hands...

Price: £24.99 From Firebox
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Clove Rock | Gifts For Her

Clove Rock

If your loved one is the sweetest thing, then treat them to some delicious handmade clove rock from Pandora Bell. The retro sweet is the perfect choice for lovers with a sweet...

Price: €7.95 (approx. £7.04) From Pandora Bell
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2GB USB Cufflinks | Gifts For Men

2GB USB Cufflinks

James Bond doesn't even have cufflinks as hi-tech as these. You can now wear cufflinks that store 2GB of memory and can be plugged in to any computer. Geek chic at its finest.

Price: £79.99 From Firebox
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Kiss Tokens | Gifts For Men

Kiss Tokens

Give someone special a token of your love that allows them one kiss at a time from you, redeemable whenever they decide. There's enough token for 100 kisses so we suggest you...

Price: £4.95 From Bloomsbury Store
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"What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex" by Prof. Shed Simove

A book that delves in to the minds of men and gives a shocking revelation. It asks 'What DO men actually think about apart from sex?' and confirms what women everywhere already...

Price: £7.99 From Firebox
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Hug Tokens | Gifts For Men

Hug Tokens

Nothing quite says 'I love you' like a hug. Now you can show your Valentine just how much you love them with this nifty notebook. It is filled with retro tickets, each one...

Price: £4.95 From Bloomsbury Store
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Banksy T-Shirt - Flowers | Gifts For Men

Banksy T-Shirt - Flowers

In our experience men aren't quite as taken by a bouquet of begonias as us ladies, so this Banksy number will serve as a little more masculine Valentine's number. Available for...

Price: £15.00 From Shot Dead In The Head
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Dita Von Ginger | Gifts For Men

Dita Von Ginger

Just as sexy as Dita Von Teese herself, Dita Von Ginger will certainly sweeten up your suitor. 

Price: £6.00 From Biscuiteers
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Champagne Beer | Gifts For Men

Champagne Beer

Can't afford champagne? Love beer? Get the best of both worlds with classy champagne beer for the sophisticated beer drinker. Matured in French region of Champagne it gets the...

Price: £19.99 From Firebox
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Glitter Heart Cufflinks | Gifts For Men

Glitter Heart Cufflinks

Now he can wear his heart on his sleeve with these adorably trendy cufflinks from Tatty Devine. If your other half is a fashion-conscious male, man enough to don the odd bit of...

Price: £18.00 From Tatty Devine
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Handwritten Notes To My Lover | Gifts For Her

Handwritten Notes To My Lover

A book of already handwritten messages for you to give to your loved one. A no fuss gift for a romantic occasion.

Price: £9.99 From Bloomsbury Store
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Mondaine Big Date Watch | Gifts For Men

Mondaine Big Date Watch

From the Mondaine Evo-lution range, this simple watch is the perfect accessory for a man who appreciates style with no frills. Features a 40mm face.

Price: £165.00 From Bloomsbury Store
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Cavallini & Co Giant

Cavallini & Co Giant "Love Heart" Eraser

We love mistakes with thanks to this pretty love heart eraser. Consider it a back to school token with some heart.

Price: £2.75 From Liberty
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Tom Ford for Men eau de toilette 100ml | Gifts For Men

Tom Ford for Men eau de toilette 100ml

A masculine mix of cedarwood, amber accord, vetiver and patchouli with oak moss and cypriol that add a smoky, sensual finish.

Price: £60.00 From Selfridges & Co Ltd

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