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Boyfriend Gifts

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Men are simple folk, so why is it when it comes to buying your boyfriend gifts, it’s anything but simple? If you need a little help finding the perfect gift for your perfect man, check out these brilliant boyfriend gifts.


Want to impress your man with a brilliant boyfriend gift? It's easier than you think! Walk away from the socks and boxer shorts and check out our pick of the best boyfriend gifts on the web. He'll be so impressed he may even give up an evening of football to spend some time with you. We kid you not.


Boyfriend Gifts for the Sports Fanatic
Is your boyfriend obsessed with sports? For once this might be more of a help than a hindrance. Be it football, golf, tennis, rugby or some other sport that has a ball, you are onto a winner when it comes to choosing a boyfriend gift he'll love. Embrace his sporty ways and choose some unique sports memorabilia or merchandise for championship league boyfriend gifts he'll be bragging to his mates about. Officially securing your place as 'the ultimate girlfriend.'


Boyfriend Gifts for Fashionista Fellas
Women are always complaining that their men would do well to be a little more style savvy, so if your boyfriend takes pride in his looks, rejoice!. You now have carte blanche to pick out a stylish boyfriend gift that you both will like. Him wearing it, and you looking at him wearing it - everyone's a winner!


Boyfriend Gifts for the Gadget Wizard
Boys really do love their toys, so if your man is gadget mad he'll be super impressed with the latest gadget or a gadget he's never seen before. Boyfriend gifts really have come a long way from giving them your glove or your handkerchief!

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Pocket Fishing Rod | Gifts For Men

Gone Fishing...

Pocket Fishing Rod

You never know when the urge to go fishing will come upon you. Never be caught off guard again with this handy pocket fishing rod. It extends from a pocket friendly 8" to...

Price: £19.99 From Firebox
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Damien Hirst Skateboard Deck | Gifts For Men

Damien Hirst Skateboard Deck

You don't need to be a sk8er boi to appreciate this Custom printed Damien Hirst skateboard deck. Stamped with signature and available in editions of 40 signed boards, for any...

Price: £480.00 From Other Criteria
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Build Your Own Pinhole Camera Kit STD - 35  | Gifts For Men

Build Your Own Pinhole Camera Kit STD - 35

Budding photographers will love this build your own pinhole camera kit. Containing everything you need to make your very own 35mm pinhole camera it's a gift any photography...

Price: £19.10 From Fred Aldous
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Tandem Skydive (for two) | Gifts For Men

Tandem Skydive (for two)

If you're looking for a truly mindblowing gift, why not give the opportunity to launch themselves from plane at 10,000 feet? Madness some might say but reckless it is not. The...

Price: £540.00 From Red Letter Days
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Fatboy Headdemock Hammock | Gifts For Men

Fatboy Headdemock Hammock

Lounge around in the sun in a water and stain resistant hammock that has room for two or three people. You can get in and out easily and it's in a bag for easy carrying.

Price: £340.00 From Heal's
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Cord Survival Bracelets | Gifts For Men

Cord Survival Bracelets

With these nifty bracelets, no arduous outdoor job is too complex. The Survival Bracelets manage to fashionably disguise up to 18 feet of coiled, military-grade parachute cord...

Price: £23.49 From Firebox
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Foursome Driving Thrill | Gifts For Men

Foursome Driving Thrill

This is the ultimate gift for any car-lover. He'll be salivating at the thoughts of driving these four monstrous motors, fit for royalty. He put the pedal to the metal in the...

Price: £199.00 From Red Letter Days
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Aerobed PakMat Inflatable Matress | Gifts For Men

Aerobed PakMat Inflatable Matress

Inflatable mattresses are great - until you try to pack them up. Which is why we love the super ingenious Aerobed PakMat – the blow up bed that fits inside its pump! Made...

Price: £69.99 From Firebox
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Leather Driving Gloves | Gifts For Men


Leather Driving Gloves

Put some va-va-voom in his style with these best-selling men's driving gloves. Crafted from soft nappa leather, they feature classic knuckle vents and perforated fingers to...

Price: £39.00 From Black
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Mysterio's Encyclopedia of Magic and Conjuring | Gifts For Men

It's A Kind of Magic

Mysterio's Encyclopedia of Magic and Conjuring

For the eternal trickster or the Houdini wannabe; everything they'll ever need and more is within this tome of magic and conjuring. From street magic such as card tricks to...

Price: £8.84 From Amazon
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Maserati Desk Top Racer | Gifts For Men

Get Out Of My Dreams And Get Into My Car

Maserati Desk Top Racer

If you know a boy racer who would rather spend his days behind the wheel of a super car rather than behind a desk than this maserati model might help their day dreams to...

Price: £60.00 From meandmycar
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Offer Twin Video Camera | Gifts For Men

Reel Fun

Twin Video Camera

With twin cameras, this nifty little number allows you to record action on either side of the lens, thus making it ideal for recording interviews and similar exchanges for...

Price: Was £129.99 Now £71.49 From Firebox
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Indoor Skydiving for Two | Gifts For Men

Indoor Skydiving for Two

If you know a couple of adrenaline junkies, then this gift experience will go down a treat. The next best thing to jumping out of a plane, your indoor skydiving lesson will take...

Price: £100.00 From Red Letter Days
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Lomography Fisheye Camera | Gifts For Kids

Something Fishy

Lomography Fisheye Camera

View things from a fishy perspective thanks to the Lomography Fisheye Camera. Grasping 170 degrees of our field of vision, subjects will take on a distinctly exaggerated angle...

Price: £35.99 From Amazon
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Offer Lomography Diana F+ Deluxe Kit | Gifts For Men

Photographic For The People

Lomography Diana F+ Deluxe Kit

Lomography is in itself a cult amongst photographers and fans of the visual art, and Lomo's Diana camera, a small plastic box camera, manufactured by the Russian company has...

Price: Was £210.00 Now £199.00 From Fred Aldous
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Model Tin Aeroplane | Gifts For Men

Fly On, Little Wing

Model Tin Aeroplane

A handmade homage to old-fashioned aeroplanes, this model makes crafty use of recycled wire and drink cans. Whether it's propped up on a mantelpiece or cruising from the...

Price: £9.75 From Not On The High Street

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