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Birthday Gifts

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Need help finding a fabulous birthday gift? Give yourself a present- skip the shops and buy it online. Birthday gifts to put smile on any birthday boy or girl’s face are abundant and are easy to find in the virtual Aladdin's cave that is the world wide web. Just remember these simple rules...


Choose relationship appropriate birthday gifts.

Always buy birthday gifts that reflect your relationship with the receiver. You wouldn't buy the same birthday gift for your mom that you would your girlfriend, would you? We would hope not!


Remember it's their birthday gift, not yours!

Put their interests first. Don't buy your husband a DIY book because you want him to put up a few shelves, nor buy your brother a tie because you think he needs to ditch the grunge look. Buy birthday gifts for them, and not you!


Keep it personal.

Personalized birthday gifts offer a more sentimental option and are particularly fitting on landmark birthdays, like a 21st or a 40th celebration. An engraved bracelet, an embossed journal or a custom print are all original ways to treat your loved one.


It's not about the money, honey.

Avoid giving a birthday gift with an obvious monetary value, and never ever give cash! Although gift vouchers are sometimes the most practical option, they can be impersonal and imply a lack of imagination. If he's just too difficult to buy for, consider a gift experience – a day on the race track or a scuba diving lesson is an original alternative to a gift voucher.

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James Bond Postcard Collection - 50th Anniversary | Gifts For Men

James Bond Postcard Collection - 50th Anniversary

The girls love him, the boys want to be him - just about everyone wants a slice of Mr Bond. This cool collection of 100 quality postcards from the James Bond archives...

Price: £14.99 From Bloomsbury Store
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"What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex" by Prof. Shed Simove

A book that delves in to the minds of men and gives a shocking revelation. It asks 'What DO men actually think about apart from sex?' and confirms what women everywhere already...

Price: £7.99 From Firebox
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Champagne Beer | Gifts For Men

Champagne Beer

Can't afford champagne? Love beer? Get the best of both worlds with classy champagne beer for the sophisticated beer drinker. Matured in French region of Champagne it gets the...

Price: £19.99 From Firebox
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4x4 Wheel Cover – Damien Hirst | Gifts For Men

You Spin Me Right Round Baby

4x4 Wheel Cover – Damien Hirst

Obviously, he needs this, the ultimate customised car accessory.  A high quality stainless steel band covers the tyre tread and a high impact plastic central dish wraps...

Price: £925.00 From Other Criteria
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Damien Hirst Skateboard Deck | Gifts For Men

Damien Hirst Skateboard Deck

You don't need to be a sk8er boi to appreciate this Custom printed Damien Hirst skateboard deck. Stamped with signature and available in editions of 40 signed boards, for any...

Price: £480.00 From Other Criteria
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Bullocks Bracing Body Wash For Men | Gifts For Men

Bullocks Bracing Body Wash For Men

Containing petitgrain and grapefruit essential oils, Bullocks Bracing Body Wash is the perfect way to start his day.  The Petitgrain purifies whilst the grapefruit tones,...

Price: £16.00 From COWSHED
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Cutler and Gross Sunglasses | Gifts For Men

Cutler and Gross Sunglasses

We may not get enough of it, but when the sunshine breaks through the murky British mist on those rare occasions, make sure that you are stylishly equipped. These timelessly...

Price: £290.00 From MR PORTER
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Homme ID Friendship Bracelet | Gifts For Men

Homme ID Friendship Bracelet

A great gift for an equally good friend, Chambers & Beau's friendship bracelets combine a stylish personalisable ID bar and an eye-popping coloured cord to perfection. The...

Price: £50.00 From Chambers & Beau
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Comme des Garçons Leather Wallet | Gifts For Men

Comme des Garçons Leather Wallet

This beautiful diamond embossed wallet is a refreshing departure from dull toned accessories. With trademark Comme des Garçons attention to detail this high quality...

Price: £90.00 From MR PORTER
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Designer Treehouse Experience for Two | Gifts For Couples

Designer Treehouse Experience for Two

Take a romantic short break in a designer tree-house. A state of the art structure, high in a canopy where it's insulated, has a wood burning stove to heat a spring water shower...

Price: £322.00 From Red Letter Days
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1960s Brut Aftershave Print | Gifts For Men


1960s Brut Aftershave Print

Tell it like it is with this coolly kitsch 60s Brut advert. Just in case he didn't know that he's your brute in shining armour.

Price: £5.99 From Amazon
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'Let's Play' Deborah Azzopardi | Gifts For Her


'Let's Play' Deborah Azzopardi

A naughty gift for a friend's new home or something to show that Toyboy exactly what you think of him; Deborah Azzopardi's vibrant print will, to say the least, be quite the...

Price: £38.00 From Art Republic
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Ferrari 360 Driving Sensation at Silverstone | Gifts For Men

Ferrari 360 Driving Sensation at Silverstone

The Ferrari Sensation will make the perfect present for any petrol-head. The chance to drive the 400bhp Ferrari 360 will mark a  once in a lifetime experience, as well as...

Price: £120.00 From Red Letter Days
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Offer Retro Boombox Speaker | Gifts For Men

Retro Boombox Speaker

If you ever had to fight for your right to party, then you'll seriously dig this. Even if you had better things to do than attempt to breakdance you'll still appreciate this...

Price: Was £17.01 Now £15.99 From I Want One Of Those
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Luxury Spa Break for Two | Gifts For Couples

Luxury Spa Break for Two

If you know someone in need of a little pampering, then give them a special treat with this luxury spa break gift experience. The Bannatyne Spa Hotel is situated in proximity to...

Price: £199.00 From Red Letter Days
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Offer Everybody... Andy Warhol Print | Gifts For Men

Prints Charming

Everybody... Andy Warhol Print

Make like Warhol and tell it like it is with this classic pop art print. The perfect gift for fans and also useful for helping a certain someone to, ahem, get the hint. Oh, and...

Price: Was £94.00 Now £79.00 From Art Republic

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