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Birthday Gifts

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Need help finding a fabulous birthday gift? Give yourself a present- skip the shops and buy it online. Birthday gifts to put smile on any birthday boy or girl’s face are abundant and are easy to find in the virtual Aladdin's cave that is the world wide web. Just remember these simple rules...


Choose relationship appropriate birthday gifts.

Always buy birthday gifts that reflect your relationship with the receiver. You wouldn't buy the same birthday gift for your mom that you would your girlfriend, would you? We would hope not!


Remember it's their birthday gift, not yours!

Put their interests first. Don't buy your husband a DIY book because you want him to put up a few shelves, nor buy your brother a tie because you think he needs to ditch the grunge look. Buy birthday gifts for them, and not you!


Keep it personal.

Personalized birthday gifts offer a more sentimental option and are particularly fitting on landmark birthdays, like a 21st or a 40th celebration. An engraved bracelet, an embossed journal or a custom print are all original ways to treat your loved one.


It's not about the money, honey.

Avoid giving a birthday gift with an obvious monetary value, and never ever give cash! Although gift vouchers are sometimes the most practical option, they can be impersonal and imply a lack of imagination. If he's just too difficult to buy for, consider a gift experience – a day on the race track or a scuba diving lesson is an original alternative to a gift voucher.

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Pair of AA Rechargeable USB Batteries | Gifts For Men

Pair of AA Rechargeable USB Batteries

These novel AA batteries are not only a revolutionary gadget that any geek-minded gal or guy will love, but they are Eco-friendly too. Simply, open the cap and use the USB...

Price: £11.22 From Nigel's Eco Store
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Premium Eco Yoga Mat | Gifts For Her

Downward Dog

Premium Eco Yoga Mat

Just think how virtuous she'll feel after her yoga practice on an eco-friendly mat. Made from fully recyclable non-toxic plastic with no latex, PVC or rubber making it safe for...

Price: £33.00 From Sweaty Betty
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H2O Powered Shower Radio | Gifts For Men

H2O Powered Shower Radio

Everyone loves singing in the shower. That’s why shower radios were invented. Unfortunately batteries have a habit of dying just as you’re yelling the chorus of...

Price: £36.99 From Firebox
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Tea Lovers' Eco-Cup  | Gifts For Her

Tea Lovers' Eco-Cup

A pretty neat gift for any tea-lover, this eco-friendly design is as practical as it is stylish. The porcelain cup includes a silicone lid and can withstand temperatures of up...

Price: £7.49 From Amazon
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Potato Powered Clock | Gifts For Kids

Potato Powered Clock

Cash in your chips for some real eco-friendly energy with this cool potato-powered clock kit. It comes supplied with everything required to turn your humble spud into a ticking...

Price: £12.00 From Science Museum Store
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Star Leather Necklace | Gifts For Kids

Star Leather Necklace

Inspired by childhood fairytales, Katherine Edmonds' designs are all hand-made using ancient craftsmanship methods. Produced according to fair trade and environmental...

Price: €40.00 (approx. £35.00) From Little Fashion Gallery
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Limited Edition 'Little Punk' T Shirt | Gifts For Kids

Limited Edition 'Little Punk' T Shirt

Pefect for little punks with bug attitudes. 100% organic combed with non toxic links, it's ethically made.

Price: £18.00 From Not On The High Street
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Versailles Picnic Rug | Gifts For Couples

Versailles Picnic Rug

Louis XIV was certainly on to something, this sumptiously designed picnic blanket is both beautiful and practical. This versatile Versailles blanket is waterproof and easily...

Price: £50.00 From Not On The High Street
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Racine Carré 'Chlorophylle' Flowerpot / Herb garden  | Gifts For Men

Racine Carré 'Chlorophylle' Flowerpot / Herb garden

It's hip to be square! This stylish acrylic pot comes complete with a sachet of seed grass to make a unique feature for any contemporary home. Requiring watering just once a...

Price: £43.40 From Made In Design
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Gardener's Seed Tray by Sting In The Tail | Gifts For Her

Lightning Seeds

Gardener's Seed Tray by Sting In The Tail

An ideal starter pack for someone who wants to join the 'grow your own' revolution. This seed tray has gloves, twine and a pack of tomato seeds to ease a new gardener gently...

Price: £15.95 From Not On The High Street
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Rosy Beauty Balm by Andrea Garland | Gifts For Her

This Is The Balm!

Rosy Beauty Balm by Andrea Garland

These adorable Rosy Beauty Balms by Andrea Garland are not just pretty to look at, they are lip-smackingly good for your lips and yes, the environment too! Packaged in...

Price: £38.00 From Cult Beauty
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Reusable Gift Wrapping | Gifts For Her

That's A Wrap!

Reusable Gift Wrapping

Each Christmas the UK alone uses 11,000 tonnes of wrapping paper from around 66,0000 trees, most of which cannot be recycled. Eco-warriors and those of you who have a wrapping...

Price: £3.95 From Nigel's Eco Store
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Model Tin Aeroplane | Gifts For Men

Fly On, Little Wing

Model Tin Aeroplane

A handmade homage to old-fashioned aeroplanes, this model makes crafty use of recycled wire and drink cans. Whether it's propped up on a mantelpiece or cruising from the...

Price: £9.75 From Not On The High Street
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Organic Cotton Sleeping Bag | Gifts For Her

Candy Stripe Camping

Organic Cotton Sleeping Bag

Hand made in Kerala in a factory which guarantees workers' rights, this 100% cotton sleeping bag comes in 3 different ice-cream colour variations. Pretty, ethical and comfy...

Price: £74.99 From Nigel's Eco Store
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Light My Fire Firestick With Wooden Handle | Gifts For Men


Light My Fire Firestick With Wooden Handle

What would Bear Grylls do? Word is, nothing without his trusty Swedish FireSteel! This model of the groovy gadget comes with an eco friendly wooden handle so if you lose it out...

Price: £9.75 From Not On The High Street
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Eco-Friendly Cotton Roll-Up Bed | Gifts For Her

Sleeping Beauty

Eco-Friendly Cotton Roll-Up Bed

No need for counting sheep with this roll-up wonder. Made from organically grown cotton and enriched by natural colourfast dyes her beauty sleep is guaranteed. Hand made heaven!

Price: £85.00 From Not On The High Street

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