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Birthday Gifts

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Need help finding a fabulous birthday gift? Give yourself a present- skip the shops and buy it online. Birthday gifts to put smile on any birthday boy or girl’s face are abundant and are easy to find in the virtual Aladdin's cave that is the world wide web. Just remember these simple rules...


Choose relationship appropriate birthday gifts.

Always buy birthday gifts that reflect your relationship with the receiver. You wouldn't buy the same birthday gift for your mom that you would your girlfriend, would you? We would hope not!


Remember it's their birthday gift, not yours!

Put their interests first. Don't buy your husband a DIY book because you want him to put up a few shelves, nor buy your brother a tie because you think he needs to ditch the grunge look. Buy birthday gifts for them, and not you!


Keep it personal.

Personalized birthday gifts offer a more sentimental option and are particularly fitting on landmark birthdays, like a 21st or a 40th celebration. An engraved bracelet, an embossed journal or a custom print are all original ways to treat your loved one.


It's not about the money, honey.

Avoid giving a birthday gift with an obvious monetary value, and never ever give cash! Although gift vouchers are sometimes the most practical option, they can be impersonal and imply a lack of imagination. If he's just too difficult to buy for, consider a gift experience – a day on the race track or a scuba diving lesson is an original alternative to a gift voucher.

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Retro Arcade Games Coffee Table (including 60 Games) | Gifts For Men

Retro Arcade Games Coffee Table (including 60 Games)

A modern take on a classic form of gaming. The Coffee Table Games Table gets its inspiration from the gaming tables of the 80s and includes 60 vintage games. The table can also...

Price: £2,500.00 From The Games Room Company
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Parachuter Bag | Gifts For Men

Sky's The Limit

Parachuter Bag

The unique concave shape of this eye-catching and beautifully constructed Parachuter Bag and it's cross chest straps ensure it sits super snuggly against the back. Crafted by...

Price: £355.24 From Aviation Luggage
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Safari Wall Stickers | Gifts For Kids

The Animals Went in Two by Two

Safari Wall Stickers

It can seem pointless buying children even more toys and clothes when they already have so many, so why not get them something they can enjoy for years to come? These safari...

Price: €58.50 (approx. £51.83) From Inke
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Arik Levy Gold Bar Doorstop | Gifts For Men

Raising the Bar

Arik Levy Gold Bar Doorstop

For the few among us that don’t have a spare gold ingot lying around to use as a doorstop, this gold flash plated version will make a suitably decadent alternative.

Price: £42.40 From Made In Design
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Fisher Price Retro Classics | Gifts For Kids

Proper Old School

Fisher Price Retro Classics

Teach those scarily techno-savvy tots about life before touch screen phones, iPads and digital what-nots with these wonderful reissues of the classic 1960s Fisher Price toys....

Price: £13.99-£29.99 From Firebox
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Men's 'You're Priceless' Silver Tag | Gifts For Men

Especially For You

Men's 'You're Priceless' Silver Tag

Let him know how thankful you are for him and all he means to you with this 'You're Priceless' Sterling Silver Tag and gift card. Written inside each tri-fold card are the words...

Price: £19.99-£29.98 From Love and Patience
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Rosy Beauty Balm by Andrea Garland | Gifts For Her

This Is The Balm!

Rosy Beauty Balm by Andrea Garland

These adorable Rosy Beauty Balms by Andrea Garland are not just pretty to look at, they are lip-smackingly good for your lips and yes, the environment too! Packaged in...

Price: £38.00 From Cult Beauty
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Bramble Toadstool Nightlight | Gifts For Kids

Goodnight Light

Bramble Toadstool Nightlight

Made from earthenware ceramic, and skillfully hand painted, the original Bramble nightlight comes with a red or blue top. Bramble the Elf features with friends, so little ones...

Price: £45.00 From White Rabbit England
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Columbo Two White Phone | Gifts For Men

Call Me

Columbo Two White Phone

A landline handset with a space-aged twist, the Columbo Two White Phone has the kind of striking design that might just encourage a man to pick it up and call you. Featuring...

Price: £50.00 From Amazon
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You Rock Guitar | Gifts For Men

String Him Along

You Rock Guitar

So you wanna be a rock star?! Well you're only ever going to get so far strumming a tennis racquet. Bring one of these bad boys to the band and before no time you will be well...

Price: £129.99 From Amazon
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iPod touch | Gifts For Men

Touch And Go

iPod touch

As shiny and lovely as all new Apple products are, the new iPod touch is (internally) quite a leap from previous incarnations. The integration of the apple of Apple's eye -...

Price: £1,699.00 From Apple
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IPod nano | Gifts For Her

Nanoo Nanoo

IPod nano

Yes, it really IS that small! They are not giant earphones, it's just that the new iPod nano is TEENY. In facts and figures, it's 46% smaller and 42% lighter than its ancestor....

Price: £115.00-£129.00 From Apple
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Bodie and Fou Angel Babygrow  | Gifts For Kids

Send Me An Angel In The Morning

Bodie and Fou Angel Babygrow

Bodie and Fou's best-selling Angel winged babygro is easily the most divine play suit any baby could wear. As well as the tiny wings on the back, the phrase “I'm A Baby...

Price: £23.00 From Not On The High Street
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Windrider Reflective Bicycle Clips | Gifts For Men

A Wing And A Prayer

Windrider Reflective Bicycle Clips

Be the envy of your fellow cyclists with these tongue-in-cheek wing shaped reflective bicycle clips. The PVC clips simply roll and strap onto your ankles, no zips or velcro...

Price: £13.30 From Made In Design
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Matroyshka Measuring Cups (M-Cups) | Gifts For Her

Bring Some Kitsch to The Kitchen

Matroyshka Measuring Cups (M-Cups)

We're amazed at how perfectly these Russian nesting dolls measuring cups bring together the Babushka trend and the craze for baking cupcakes. These 3 lovely ladies will...

Price: £8.99 From Amazon
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Dog House from Magis | Pet Gifts

Doggy diggs

Dog House from Magis

You definitley won’t be in the dog house with your four legged friend if you buy them this groovy Michal Young designed dog house. The brass plate above the door reads...

Price: £566.00 From Made In Design

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