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Birthday Gifts

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Need help finding a fabulous birthday gift? Give yourself a present- skip the shops and buy it online. Birthday gifts to put smile on any birthday boy or girl’s face are abundant and are easy to find in the virtual Aladdin's cave that is the world wide web. Just remember these simple rules...


Choose relationship appropriate birthday gifts.

Always buy birthday gifts that reflect your relationship with the receiver. You wouldn't buy the same birthday gift for your mom that you would your girlfriend, would you? We would hope not!


Remember it's their birthday gift, not yours!

Put their interests first. Don't buy your husband a DIY book because you want him to put up a few shelves, nor buy your brother a tie because you think he needs to ditch the grunge look. Buy birthday gifts for them, and not you!


Keep it personal.

Personalized birthday gifts offer a more sentimental option and are particularly fitting on landmark birthdays, like a 21st or a 40th celebration. An engraved bracelet, an embossed journal or a custom print are all original ways to treat your loved one.


It's not about the money, honey.

Avoid giving a birthday gift with an obvious monetary value, and never ever give cash! Although gift vouchers are sometimes the most practical option, they can be impersonal and imply a lack of imagination. If he's just too difficult to buy for, consider a gift experience – a day on the race track or a scuba diving lesson is an original alternative to a gift voucher.

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Toolkit Biscuit Tin | Gifts For Men

D.I.Y. Delicious

Toolkit Biscuit Tin

A good tool box is a man must-have and you'll never go wrong with this Toolkit Tin. With a hammer, saw, screwdrivers, pliers and a frothing beer to boot, this Biscuiteers box of...

Price: £37.50 From Biscuiteers
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The Pink Carwash Kit  | Gifts For Her

Soap 'N Glory

The Pink Carwash Kit

Everything a girl needs to keep her ride gleaming. This essential kit contains a 10 litre collapsible bucket and a Chenille mitt and sponge for getting the grime off.  To...

Price: £12.04 From Amazon
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Recycled Leather Mens Apron | Gifts For Men

Plant For Victory

Recycled Leather Mens Apron

Keen gardeners will love this classic gardening apron. Made from recycled leather and designed and manufactured in Britain, it features adjustable cotton straps and a deep...

Price: £59.95 From Not On The High Street
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Laser Tool Box | Gifts For Men

Tool Time

Laser Tool Box

A place for everything and everything in it's place- this classic tool box cantilevers out to reveal a multitude of hidden compartments, making it simple to find what it is...

Price: £29.76 From Amazon
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The Pink Car Kit | Gifts For Her

I Like Driving In My Car

The Pink Car Kit

Hunky mechanics will be left twiddling their thumbs once the female population get their hands on this godsend. The Pink Car Kit is a glove box essential for the free-wheelin'...

Price: £21.99 From Amazon
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101 Things to Do in a Shed | Gifts For Men

At The Bottom Of The Garden

101 Things to Do in a Shed

A genuine place of work or the last bastion of male space, the shed is a place of mythical man mystery. With 101 Things to Do in a Shed,  he may actually aspire to do...

Price: £5.99 From Amazon
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Leatherman Wave Multi-Tool With Leather Pouch | Gifts For Men

Tool Time

Leatherman Wave Multi-Tool With Leather Pouch

There isn't a man alive who's eyes don't light up at the mention of Leatherman's iconic Multi-Tool. It cunningly combines 18 essential tools into one brilliantly designed...

Price: £62.47 From Amazon

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