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Gifts For Kids

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From newborn babies to too-cool-for-school teens, we've found the best gifts for kids of all ages. Being down with the kids has never been so easy!


Gifts For Kids Rule 1: The Early Bird Catches The (Toy) Worm

Avoid tear-filled tantrums and sanity-testing strops by finding out what kids really want and getting the goods before time runs out.


Gifts For Kids Rule 2: Do Your Homework

When it comes to children’s toys and accessories, they love to receive the latest playthings before any of their friends, so it’s a good idea to research the market and find out what new and exciting gifts for kids are out there.


Gifts For Kids Rule 3: Buy Quality

As we all know, children can be rambunctious at times, so it’s important to choose quality gifts for kids that can withstand determined little hands and will bring them enjoyment for a long time no matter how short their attention span.

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"Mama Ain't Raisin' No Fool" Pink Babygrow

Inspired by A-Team legend, Mr. T, this bold babygrow is dripping with attitude. We pity the fool who don't take this brazen baby seriously when wearing this outrageous outfit.

Price: £16.99 From Nippaz With Attitude
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"You Don't Have to Sleep to Dream" Babygrow/T-Shirt

Inspired by vintage Vegas signs, these trendy threads for tots are as inspirational as they are adorable. Available in pink or blue, babygrows and t-shirts they are perfect for...

Price: £16.99 From Nippaz With Attitude
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'I Got 99 Problems, But A Bib Ain't One' Bib | Gifts For Kids

I Feel Bad For You Son

'I Got 99 Problems, But A Bib Ain't One' Bib

As Beyoncé prepares for her own nippa with attitude, we bet she'd love one of these cheeky bibs. But even if the mum you know is no pop diva, fear not - any cool civilian...

Price: £9.99 From Nippaz With Attitude
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BA/BY Babygrows | Gifts For Kids

BA/BY Babygrows

For those with kids, we salute you. Check out these rocking tribute to AC/DC. Choose heatsealed white for boys, or rubine pink print for baby girls.

Price: £16.99 From Nippaz With Attitude
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Patrolling the Edge - Tactical Body Vest | Gifts For Kids

Patrolling the Edge - Tactical Body Vest

This babygrow will certainly let adults know who's boss. The all new grey marl version is available in magenta print for girls, and blue print for boys.

Price: £9.99 From Nippaz With Attitude
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Japanese Dolls Tote Bag | Gifts For Kids

Japanese Dolls Tote Bag

This colourful and funky cotton bag will make a great gift for any girl to carry around all her essentials.

Price: £12.99 From Amazon
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'Some Bigger Kids Did It and Ran Away' Baby Vest | Gifts For Kids


'Some Bigger Kids Did It and Ran Away' Baby Vest

Angelic little faces perennially see kids out of almost any situation; but failing that, pair the cherubic grin with a priceless get-out phrase and they're in business. Nippaz...

Price: £16.99 From Nippaz With Attitude
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Yurakoro Lucky Cats | Gifts For Kids

Konnichiwa Kitty

Yurakoro Lucky Cats

Based on the traditional cat figurines that are omnipresent all over Japan, the Yurakoro Lucky Cat is the perfect good luck charm; the white ones are said to bring happiness and...

Price: £7.99 From Firebox
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Cardboard Mini Boombox | Gifts For Kids

Stereo Love

Cardboard Mini Boombox

Music lovers and fans of all things retro will love this mini boom box, which acts as an amplifier for iPods, complete with speakers. Battery operated, it arrives in flat pack...

Price: £25.00 From Fred Aldous
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Baby Gift Sets | Gifts For Kids

Notorious B.A.B.Y. G

Baby Gift Sets

If you're looking for a memorable baby gift with an edge, these bold gift sets from Nippaz With Attitude are for you. Choose from three tailored sets: Lil Gangsta Baby, Anarchy...

Price: £21.49-£36.99 From Nippaz With Attitude

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