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Gifts For Kids

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From newborn babies to too-cool-for-school teens, we've found the best gifts for kids of all ages. Being down with the kids has never been so easy!


Gifts For Kids Rule 1: The Early Bird Catches The (Toy) Worm

Avoid tear-filled tantrums and sanity-testing strops by finding out what kids really want and getting the goods before time runs out.


Gifts For Kids Rule 2: Do Your Homework

When it comes to children’s toys and accessories, they love to receive the latest playthings before any of their friends, so it’s a good idea to research the market and find out what new and exciting gifts for kids are out there.


Gifts For Kids Rule 3: Buy Quality

As we all know, children can be rambunctious at times, so it’s important to choose quality gifts for kids that can withstand determined little hands and will bring them enjoyment for a long time no matter how short their attention span.

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Wildfox Love Potion T-Shirt | Gifts For Kids

Wildfox Love Potion T-Shirt

The mini version of Wildfox's beloved No.9 tee, is the perfect gift for your lovely little girls. The vintage accessory will make a subtly sweet addition to her wardrobe and...

Price: £45.00 From Selfridges & Co Ltd
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Children's Polar Bear 19

Children's Polar Bear 19" HDTV

It's a polar bear with a 19-inch HDTV why wouldn't you buy it? A truly brilliant gift for kids everywhere. It's cuddly cuteness and it's hi-tech stomach put the Telly Tubbies to...

Price: £299.00 From Selfridges & Co Ltd
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Penguin Costume | Gifts For Kids

Penguin Costume

The power of imagination is a child's best asset so encourage their playtime with this cute penguin costume. Made from fleece, it is warm and cosy so your little one can play,...

Price: £39.00 From Selfridges & Co Ltd
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Panda Costume | Gifts For Kids

Panda Costume

This adorable fleece panda costume will win the heart of your little one instantly. Warm and cosy, they can play and pretend in style and comfort.

Price: £39.00 From Selfridges & Co Ltd
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Leopard Spirithood | Gifts For Kids

Leopard Spirithood

Spirithoods just just keep little heads cosy, they inspire positive change and encourage children to connect with animals and the natural world around them. Each spirithood...

Price: £89.00 From Selfridges & Co Ltd
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UGG - Low Boots | Gifts For Kids

UGG - Low Boots

A fashion favourite and staple of any woman's wardrobe, the UGG boot is warm, comfortable and stylish. Made from grade A sheepskin combined with a lightweight EVA exterior,...

Price: £90.00 From Selfridges & Co Ltd
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Floyd the Sponge | Gifts For Kids

Floyd the Sponge

The cutest calf in the Cowshed. A popular bath time companion, our gentle sponge is especially designed for washing baby's delicate skin.

Price: £8.50 From COWSHED
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Brown Bear Spirithood | Gifts For Kids

Brown Bear Spirithood

Not just a cute head wear option, each spirit hood represents a different animal; the Brown Bear being bravery and strength. Bears are by nature curious playful and affectionate...

Price: £89.00 From Selfridges & Co Ltd
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Snow Leopard Spirithood | Gifts For Kids

Snow Leopard Spirithood

Just as a leopard never changes his spots, little tykes are likely to never take off this snug Snow Leopard Spirithood. A lovely gift for kids who just wanna have fun.

Price: £89.00 From Selfridges & Co Ltd
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Lion Sprithood | Gifts For Kids

Lion Sprithood

A grrrrrrreat gift for any fun loving kid, this fun spirit hood is inspired by the loving, loyal and courageous qualities of the King of The Jungle. Lions are known to be social...

Price: £89.00 From Selfridges & Co Ltd
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Silk Chiffon Head Band | Gifts For Kids

Silk Chiffon Head Band

This soft and pretty headband in a soft cream colour features a pure silk chiffon rose, and is the perfect accessory for any girly girl.  

Price: £20.00 From I Love Gorgeous
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Floral Enamel Heart Pendant Necklace | Gifts For Kids

Floral Enamel Heart Pendant Necklace

Little girls will love vintage-inspired enamel heart pendant. A lovely birthday present, or bridesmaid gift.

Price: £25.00 From I Love Gorgeous
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Wedgwood London Bear Money Box | Gifts For Kids


Wedgwood London Bear Money Box

A wonderful new baby gift or Christening present, this elegant and charming silver plated Wedgewood London Bear money box is the perfect way to mark the occasion of a new arrival.

Price: £47.50 From Selfridges & Co Ltd
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Family Ties Charm Bracelet | Gifts For Kids

Family Ties Charm Bracelet

This beautiful and emblematic bracelet from Childs would make the perfect gift for Mother's day, or in fact, to mark the bond between sisters. Crafted from faceted turquoise and...

Price: £65.00 From Astley Clarke
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Beach/Bath Towel Nara | Gifts For Kids

Look Into My Eyes

Beach/Bath Towel Nara

How much to we love this oversized towel from cult Japanese artist Yoshitomo Nara? Lots and lots and then lots more! Famed for his images of wide eyed children, Nara, truly...

Price: £62.00 From Other Criteria
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Baby Cow Trio Set | Gifts For Kids

Hush Little Baby

Baby Cow Trio Set

Since lavender oil is famed for its naturally relaxing and soothing properties, we don't think there's a better essential oil for babies. Send them on their sleepy way with this...

Price: £26.00 From COWSHED

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