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Gifts For Kids

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From newborn babies to too-cool-for-school teens, we've found the best gifts for kids of all ages. Being down with the kids has never been so easy!


Gifts For Kids Rule 1: The Early Bird Catches The (Toy) Worm

Avoid tear-filled tantrums and sanity-testing strops by finding out what kids really want and getting the goods before time runs out.


Gifts For Kids Rule 2: Do Your Homework

When it comes to children’s toys and accessories, they love to receive the latest playthings before any of their friends, so it’s a good idea to research the market and find out what new and exciting gifts for kids are out there.


Gifts For Kids Rule 3: Buy Quality

As we all know, children can be rambunctious at times, so it’s important to choose quality gifts for kids that can withstand determined little hands and will bring them enjoyment for a long time no matter how short their attention span.

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Eden Project Vist For One Adult and Child | Gifts For Kids

Eden Project Vist For One Adult and Child

Introduce your child to nature in a global garden where they can learn and be inspired by the natural world that surrounds them. The Eden Project is home to the world's largest...

Price: £33.00 From Red Letter Days
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Enchanted Creations Crooked Treehouse | Gifts For Kids

Enchanted Creations Crooked Treehouse

This enchanting treehouse looks like it walked out of a Disney cartoon. It comes with it's own tree trunk,balcony, clubhouse side swing and monkey bars. A far cry from a...

Price: £7,000.00 From Firebox
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Enchanted Creations Cottage Playhouse | Gifts For Kids

Enchanted Creations Cottage Playhouse

Treat your kids to the mother of all playhouses. Chances are you'll wish you lived here in this huge idyllic children's playhouse.  

Price: £16,999.00 From Firebox
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Bloom! Inflatable Mattress  | Gifts For Kids

Bloom! Inflatable Mattress

Created by designer, Rob Slewe, these inflatable numbers are inspired by Grandma's old mattresses. Composed of PVC, they are even suitable for outdoors so you can chill on the...

Price: £141.00 From Made In Design
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Beach/Bath Towel Nara | Gifts For Kids

Look Into My Eyes

Beach/Bath Towel Nara

How much to we love this oversized towel from cult Japanese artist Yoshitomo Nara? Lots and lots and then lots more! Famed for his images of wide eyed children, Nara, truly...

Price: £62.00 From Other Criteria
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Offer Jaques of London Magnum Snakes and Ladders | Gifts For Kids

Climbing The Ladder

Jaques of London Magnum Snakes and Ladders

This over-sized version of the classsic children's boardgame can be used outside and in the garden.  Made from a waterproof canvas board which can be secured to the ground...

Price: Was £40.00 Now £28.00 From Heal's
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Floral Hand Painted Wooden Bunting | Gifts For Kids

Good Will Bunting

Floral Hand Painted Wooden Bunting

We do love a bit of bunting. However we don't like the ironing that goes with them, a necessary but tedious task. So we've found a solution - hand painted to order, this string...

Price: £16.50 From Not On The High Street
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Rabbit Print Picnic Blanket | Gifts For Her

Rabbit Print Picnic Blanket

This waterproof backed picnic blanket is soft as a bunny with its 100% cotton front. Relax in the garden, on the beach or use it in your home for your little ones to play on.

Price: £34.95 From Bloomsbury Store

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