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Gifts For Men

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Men are notoriously hard to buy for. Not any more! No matter what he's into we've found the perfect gifts for men he most definitely won't be donating to Oxfam!


It's no urban myth that we tend to dread looking for that perfect present for the men in our lives, so we've put together our handy guide to the dos and don'ts to bear in mind when buying gifts for men.


Gifts For Men Dos:
Do try and give him something he wouldn't buy himself
When buying gifts for men experience gifts, or luxurious treats that he might not fork out for himself are always a good idea. Let's face it, it'll hardly be on top of his list to run out and book helicopter flying lessons for himself!. 
Do opt for the classic gift option
His favourite book or album in a specialised format (an anniversary edition or vinyl) always make a great gift for him, and he'll appreciate that you put thought and care in giving him something he'll always remember.
Do remember that its okay to play it safe
If you know that he'll love something, don't be afraid to play it safe. If he loves sport, buy him a gift of tickets to see his favourite team; if he's a movie buff get him that box set he keeps meaning to get. Even you're not exactly filled with joy at the thought of spending all day in a field/ watching re-runs of Top Gear, he'll love it so your job is done.
Do keep it simple
We don't mean simple as in buying him a pair of socks- more that you don't have to spend hours making a handmade birthday card to show you care. It's the thought that counts and if you stick to what you know he'll like (you'll most likely have an in depth knowledge of this) chances are he'll be very happy.
Do stay away from gifts for him that you think might be a bad idea
Chances are, your instinct's will be spot on.


Gifts for Men Don'ts:
Don't give him anything with an obvious monetary value
Never, ever give cash!. Not only is it supremely impersonal, it shows a distinct lack of imagination. Plus do you really want him to know the exact monetary worth that you put on him?.
Don't give him anything his Mother would buy him (unless you are his mother!)
For obvious reasons!
Don't get him something you wish he would wear/use
In other words, don't buy him a gift that you think might encourage him to change. It may seem like a bright idea, but there's a good chance it could backfire and you don't want to get a bad rep for what we're sure are your super gift buying skills. The best gifts for him are gifts that he (rather than you!) likes.
Don't over think it
If you're feeling super stressed about it, trust your instincts and go with what you know he'll enjoy. Choosing a gift for him should be a pleasure, not a chore.


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"Shoot for the moon.." Quotable Canvas

Excite and inspire with an inspirational canvas, perfect for graduates to keep their spirits high. Wrapped on a thick wood frame, the designs are printed then stretched which...

Price: £21.95 From Bloomsbury Store
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Fujifilm X10, Black Digital Camera | Gifts For Men

Fujifilm X10, Black Digital Camera

Sleek new technology gets retrofied with this beautiful digital camera. The 2/3" EXR-CMOS Sensor delivers groundbreaking image quality in any scene or lighting condition...

Price: £575.00 From Amazon
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"I Wanted To Do Something..." Greeting Card

This novel greeting card is the perfect accompaniment to your gift. A great message for the recent graduate.

Price: £2.45 From Bloomsbury Store
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I–Gucci Black Digital LCD Watch  | Gifts For Men

I–Gucci Black Digital LCD Watch

Wear something that's contemporary and sleek around your wrist. The stainless steel I-Gucci digital watch has an LCD screen that shows time, date and time zone with the Gucci...

Price: £715.00 From Selfridges & Co Ltd
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Filson Travel Case | Gifts For Men

Filson Travel Case

This luxurious piece of luggage will make a great gift for any sartorially-inclined loved one. A contemporary twist on a traditional design, the olive canvas carry case features...

Price: £540.00 From MR PORTER
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Michelangelo Cufflinks | Gifts For Men

Michelangelo Cufflinks

Michaelangelo's iconic drawings, unlike his predecessor's, often contained inscriptions, notes and drafts of his poems. The signature scribbles of the Renaissance artist can be...

Price: £50.00 From The British Museum Shop
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Ginger Grad | Gifts For Men

Ginger Grad

Forget tossing your mortarboard in the air, in our humble opinion the best way to celebrate graduating is to dunk a delicious Graduate Gingerbread man into a well deserved cup...

Price: £6.00 From Biscuiteers
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'Follow Your Dreams' Typographic Print | Gifts For Men

'Follow Your Dreams' Typographic Print

Hang this typographic art in your home or give it as a gift to inspire and raise spirits, from the 'Wise Words' series by Something Wonderful Designs.

Price: £30.00 From Not On The High Street
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Black Leather Laptop Case | Gifts For Men

Black Leather Laptop Case

This sleek and stylish laptop bag is made from 100% leather. It is the perfect accessory for any man about town.

Price: £60.00 From Topman
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Routemaster 'London Bus' Cufflinks | Gifts For Men


Routemaster 'London Bus' Cufflinks

Infinitely classier than a chorus of 'the wheels on the bus', the iconic London bus is recreated in shining sterling silver. A beautiful gift for Dad, or any man who likes the...

Price: £110.00 From Links of London
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Offer Twin Video Camera | Gifts For Men

Reel Fun

Twin Video Camera

With twin cameras, this nifty little number allows you to record action on either side of the lens, thus making it ideal for recording interviews and similar exchanges for...

Price: Was £129.99 Now £71.49 From Firebox
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'Well Done You Card' by Showler and Showler | Gifts For Men

Good Job!

'Well Done You Card' by Showler and Showler

Don't mince your words. When you think somebody has done a good job, tell them. Or, failing that, give them one of these greetings cards! A surefire way to let somebody know...

Price: £1.80 From Not On The High Street
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Flip Mino HD 8GB Digital Camera  | Gifts For Men

Movie Magic

Flip Mino HD 8GB Digital Camera

This groovy little gizmo is handy and fun for any age. It’s sleek and ultra compact, so can be brought literally anywhere. Its nifty features also make it stand out as the...

Price: £127.94 From Amazon
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Quindici Large Three Gusset Briefcase | Gifts For Men

Coming Up (Donald) Trumps

Quindici Large Three Gusset Briefcase

Being the epitome of practicality and smart style, Quindici have come up trumps again with this dapper multi-functioning briefcase. With a separate pouch for your laptop, zipped...

Price: £179.00 From Selfridges & Co Ltd
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Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Wallet | Gifts For Men

Easy Street

Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Wallet

These days cash is scarce on the ground so treat with the respect it deserves by keeping it safe in this stylish Bottega Veneta leather wallet. With its intricate embossed...

Price: £250.00 From Matches
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Simon Carter Menagerie Spider Cufflinks | Gifts For Men


Simon Carter Menagerie Spider Cufflinks

Indulge his childhood obsession with creepy crawleys with these Swarovski encrusted cuff links by Simon Carter. Even Spidey himself must be secretly coveting these quirky...

Price: £49.00 From My Wardrobe

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