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Gifts For Men

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Men are notoriously hard to buy for. Not any more! No matter what he's into we've found the perfect gifts for men he most definitely won't be donating to Oxfam!


It's no urban myth that we tend to dread looking for that perfect present for the men in our lives, so we've put together our handy guide to the dos and don'ts to bear in mind when buying gifts for men.


Gifts For Men Dos:
Do try and give him something he wouldn't buy himself
When buying gifts for men experience gifts, or luxurious treats that he might not fork out for himself are always a good idea. Let's face it, it'll hardly be on top of his list to run out and book helicopter flying lessons for himself!. 
Do opt for the classic gift option
His favourite book or album in a specialised format (an anniversary edition or vinyl) always make a great gift for him, and he'll appreciate that you put thought and care in giving him something he'll always remember.
Do remember that its okay to play it safe
If you know that he'll love something, don't be afraid to play it safe. If he loves sport, buy him a gift of tickets to see his favourite team; if he's a movie buff get him that box set he keeps meaning to get. Even you're not exactly filled with joy at the thought of spending all day in a field/ watching re-runs of Top Gear, he'll love it so your job is done.
Do keep it simple
We don't mean simple as in buying him a pair of socks- more that you don't have to spend hours making a handmade birthday card to show you care. It's the thought that counts and if you stick to what you know he'll like (you'll most likely have an in depth knowledge of this) chances are he'll be very happy.
Do stay away from gifts for him that you think might be a bad idea
Chances are, your instinct's will be spot on.


Gifts for Men Don'ts:
Don't give him anything with an obvious monetary value
Never, ever give cash!. Not only is it supremely impersonal, it shows a distinct lack of imagination. Plus do you really want him to know the exact monetary worth that you put on him?.
Don't give him anything his Mother would buy him (unless you are his mother!)
For obvious reasons!
Don't get him something you wish he would wear/use
In other words, don't buy him a gift that you think might encourage him to change. It may seem like a bright idea, but there's a good chance it could backfire and you don't want to get a bad rep for what we're sure are your super gift buying skills. The best gifts for him are gifts that he (rather than you!) likes.
Don't over think it
If you're feeling super stressed about it, trust your instincts and go with what you know he'll enjoy. Choosing a gift for him should be a pleasure, not a chore.


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Overboard Waterproof MP3 Case | Gifts For Men

Overboard Waterproof MP3 Case

This nifty MP3 case will make the perfect gift for any guy who can't bear to be without his trusty, electronic sidekick while he takes on the elements. With your gadget...

Price: £24.99 From Firebox
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Orange Micro Crush - Mini Electric Guitar Amp | Gifts For Men

Orange Crush

Orange Micro Crush - Mini Electric Guitar Amp

From the British brand of ampllifiers that counts Weezer, Black Sabbath and Noel Gallagher as loyal fans; the Orange Micro Crush makes rocking out marvellous on a mini scale....

Price: £31.99 From Amazon
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Digital Drums 502-J Electronic Drum Kit & Amp Pack | Gifts For Men

Funky Drummer

Digital Drums 502-J Electronic Drum Kit & Amp Pack

Rhythmic fun for wannabe rock stars and budding musicians, they can 'do a Keith Moon' without torturing the neighbours with these über cool electronic drums. A 5 piece drum...

Price: £419.95 From Amazon
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Offer Twin Video Camera | Gifts For Men

Reel Fun

Twin Video Camera

With twin cameras, this nifty little number allows you to record action on either side of the lens, thus making it ideal for recording interviews and similar exchanges for...

Price: Was £129.99 Now £71.49 From Firebox
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Flip Mino HD 8GB Digital Camera  | Gifts For Men

Movie Magic

Flip Mino HD 8GB Digital Camera

This groovy little gizmo is handy and fun for any age. It’s sleek and ultra compact, so can be brought literally anywhere. Its nifty features also make it stand out as the...

Price: £127.94 From Amazon
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Pan RP HTX7E Headphones | Gifts For Men

Too Cool For Old-Skool

Pan RP HTX7E Headphones

It's a genuine case of style and substance with these superb quality retro headphones from Panasonic.  A great gift for a guy who likes his tunes to travel loud.

Price: £55.00 From Urban Outfitters
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High Visibility Bicycle Helmet | Gifts For Her

High Visibility Bicycle Helmet

Protect yourself with a bicycle helmet that has a halo of light so that motorists will always notice you when the days get darker. The helmet also keeps your head coolw ith...

Price: £52.99 From Firebox
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Steepletone Boston SMC595 Music Centre | Gifts For Couples

Off the Record

Steepletone Boston SMC595 Music Centre

A five-in-one music system that will convert a vinyl collection to MP3 on CD. Sounds like every dad / husband's / boyfriends birthday present is sorted!

Price: £259.99 From Amazon
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Sony BDP-S570 Blu-ray Disc Players | Gifts For Couples

True Blu

Sony BDP-S570 Blu-ray Disc Players

Bringing high quality entertainment to domestic surroundings, this Sony Blu-Ray disc player not only offers high-definition images and clear sound, but also has a 3D function...

Price: £229.49 From Play.com
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Optoma DS316L DLP Projector | Gifts For Couples

Big Screen Dreams

Optoma DS316L DLP Projector

Bring the big screen experience to the comfort of their home with an old school style projector. Perfect for movies or presentations, we think this makes a wonderful gift for...

Price: £339.45 From Amazon
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Stylophone: The Original Pocket Electronic Organ | Gifts For Kids

Old Style

Stylophone: The Original Pocket Electronic Organ

Enjoyed by musical luminaries such as David Bowie and er, Rolf Harris; the Stylophone is the epitome of retro fun. Simple in appearance and more than 40 years of age, this...

Price: £12.74 From Amazon

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