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Gifts For Her

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What do women want? It's an age old question, but we're pretty sure we've found the answer! Check out these fabulous gifts for her- we've found perfect presents for women of all ages.


How to buy brilliant gifts for her

At times women can appear inexplicably upset, appalled or even down right boggled at our telepathic short-comings if we fail to deliver the goods. If mind-reading is not your forte, it’s important to listen out for cryptic clues or cleverly dropped hints in the run-up to a special occasion. If you still have no idea whatsoever, then stick to our basic rules when buying gifts for women.


Whether it’s a birthday treat, a Christmas gift or a random surprise, women love to be pampered. Treat her by choosing thoughtful gifts that she would never splurge on herself.


Gifts for her - what not to buy

For wives, live-in girlfriends or mothers, cleaning products or practical household items should be avoided at all costs, lest you want that new compost bin, as well as its putrid contents, thrown at your head in the midst of a heated row! When buying gifts for her, it’s much safer to go for something heart-felt and indulgent that will make her smile.


Gym memberships and weight loss products are an absolute no-no. No matter what she asks you, she always looks great and NO, her thighs definitely do not look big in her new figure hugging skirt/jeans/bandage dress. Cute work-out clothes and sports accessories are only acceptable gifts for her if she’s already the sporty type and won’t be insulted by the suggestion that she could do with some exercise that doesn’t involve an arm and a T.V. remote.


Gifts for her- presentation is everything.

While we know it’s the thought that counts, but when buying gifts for her unless you are under 10 and can produce a home-made gift that will reduce her to a heap of sentimental goo, make her present look expensive. This can be achieved by actually buying something pricey or dressing it up with either lashings of good quality paper or a pretty box, covered in silk ribbons to make it look as extravagant as possible. Like the lady herself, she won’t be able to resist beautiful things.

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Ferm Living 'Velo' Tea Towel | Gifts For Her

Ferm Living 'Velo' Tea Towel

On yer bike! This beautifully designed tea towel by Trine Anderson brings a new elegance to the most mundane of daily chores. The artwork from the Danish designer is just...

Price: £9.95 From Cloudberry Living
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Vera Wang Love Knots Silver Napkin Rings | Gifts For Her


Vera Wang Love Knots Silver Napkin Rings

Get yourself in knots with this stylish accessory courtesy of John Lewis and Vera Wang. A set of four silver-plated napkin rings to keep them together and create a touch of...

Price: £32.00 From John Lewis
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Chocolate 'Flower Power' Mini Collection | Gifts For Her

Chocolate 'Flower Power' Mini Collection

Send someone a bouquet of flowers, that they can also munch on. Flowers and chocolate combine with these chocolatey floral biscuits.

Price: £27.50 From Biscuiteers
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Tea For Two Biscuit Tin  | Gifts For Her

A Biscuit Made For Two

Tea For Two Biscuit Tin

There's nothing we like more than a traditional afternoon tea, complete with cucumber sandwiches and scones with lashings of strawberry jam and clotted cream. On the other hand,...

Price: £37.50 From Biscuiteers
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Carters British Flag Teapot  | Gifts For Her

Carters British Flag Teapot

Handmade in the UK, this gorgeously quirky clay teapot from Carters of Suffolk is a great way to add some drama to an everyday brew!

Price: £45.00 From Selfridges & Co Ltd
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Carters Black Piano Teapot  | Gifts For Her

Carters Black Piano Teapot

Designed and handmade in the UK by Carters of Suffolk, this wonderful Piano teapot makes a great gift. It's not only piano players who will love Carters' clay teapot, this novel...

Price: £85.00 From Selfridges & Co Ltd
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Potato Gloves | Gifts For Her

Rub A Spud Spud

Potato Gloves

Hands that do dishes don't necessarily want to peel spuds as well. These clever mitts have a scratchy surface which strips the skin right off potatoes in no time. When it comes...

Price: £6.15 From Fortnum and Mason
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Four Quarter Rosé In Cooler | Gifts For Her

Drink Pink

Four Quarter Rosé In Cooler

 Eat, drink and be (hick) extremely merry with your gal pals this Christmas with a fabulously chic wine cooler gift set. Contains four individual bottles of Fortnum's best...

Price: £45.00 From Fortnum and Mason
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Orla Kiely Pure Evoke Mio DAB Radio | Gifts For Her

Kiely FM

Orla Kiely Pure Evoke Mio DAB Radio

Add some retro radio chic to your kitchen with Orla Kiely's dainty Pure Evoke Mio DAB Radio. With that delightful trademark coloured petal pattern, this nostalgic wireless is...

Price: £149.00 From John Lewis
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Tea Palace 'The Book Of Tea' Gift | Gifts For Her

Me Time

Tea Palace 'The Book Of Tea' Gift

If you know someone who likes nothing better than to curl up in their favourite comfy armchair with a good book and a steaming cuppa, then they'll surely appreciate this...

Price: £25.99 From Selfridges & Co Ltd
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'Grow A New Husband' Toy | Gifts For Her

'Grow A New Husband' Toy

The perfect solution for any distressed wife! Place your miniature husband in water and watch, over a period of 72 hours, as he expands 600%. He doesn't snore, hog the remote or...

Price: £1.99 From Toyday
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Glass Cake Stand | Gifts For Her

Let Them Eat...

Glass Cake Stand

We're not ones to show off. Ahem. But after hours of domestic goddess fantasy baking, not to mention the floury hair who doesn't want their fine results to be admired before...

Price: £36.50 From Summerill & Bishop
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Offer Princess Telephone | Gifts For Her

Ring-Ring Royalty

Princess Telephone

In a classic cream finish, this Fifties-inspired icon, with its rounded edges and compact design, has been updated for modern convenience. Now it has push-button technology,...

Price: Was £45.00 Now £37.95 From John Lewis
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Emma Bridgewater Polka Dot Cake Tins | Gifts For Her

Polka Face

Emma Bridgewater Polka Dot Cake Tins

Let's face it, relationships (like cakes) are always liable to grow stale. Keep it fresh with this set of 3 cake tins from designer Emma Bridgewater. They say the way to a man's...

Price: £27.00 From John Lewis
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Grumpy Cow Uplifting Home Candle | Gifts For Her

For Forrest Grumps

Grumpy Cow Uplifting Home Candle

Lift the mood of any misery guts with Cowshed's Grumpy Cow Uplifting Home Candle. Light this and there'll be nothing but happy cows roaming your meadows.

Price: £30.00 From COWSHED
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Perigord Sundae Coupe | Gifts For Her

Every Day Is Like Sundae

Perigord Sundae Coupe

These one serving sized Sundae Coupes (the correct name for the glass an ice cream desert is served in), are recommended for "ice cream, sorbet or champagne"....

Price: £5.50 From Summerill & Bishop

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