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Gifts For Her

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What do women want? It's an age old question, but we're pretty sure we've found the answer! Check out these fabulous gifts for her- we've found perfect presents for women of all ages.


How to buy brilliant gifts for her

At times women can appear inexplicably upset, appalled or even down right boggled at our telepathic short-comings if we fail to deliver the goods. If mind-reading is not your forte, it’s important to listen out for cryptic clues or cleverly dropped hints in the run-up to a special occasion. If you still have no idea whatsoever, then stick to our basic rules when buying gifts for women.


Whether it’s a birthday treat, a Christmas gift or a random surprise, women love to be pampered. Treat her by choosing thoughtful gifts that she would never splurge on herself.


Gifts for her - what not to buy

For wives, live-in girlfriends or mothers, cleaning products or practical household items should be avoided at all costs, lest you want that new compost bin, as well as its putrid contents, thrown at your head in the midst of a heated row! When buying gifts for her, it’s much safer to go for something heart-felt and indulgent that will make her smile.


Gym memberships and weight loss products are an absolute no-no. No matter what she asks you, she always looks great and NO, her thighs definitely do not look big in her new figure hugging skirt/jeans/bandage dress. Cute work-out clothes and sports accessories are only acceptable gifts for her if she’s already the sporty type and won’t be insulted by the suggestion that she could do with some exercise that doesn’t involve an arm and a T.V. remote.


Gifts for her- presentation is everything.

While we know it’s the thought that counts, but when buying gifts for her unless you are under 10 and can produce a home-made gift that will reduce her to a heap of sentimental goo, make her present look expensive. This can be achieved by actually buying something pricey or dressing it up with either lashings of good quality paper or a pretty box, covered in silk ribbons to make it look as extravagant as possible. Like the lady herself, she won’t be able to resist beautiful things.

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The Lost Explorer - Collector's Edition | Gifts For Her

The Lost Explorer - Collector's Edition

This distinctive book marks a true cinematic event—Tim Walker’s film of the haunting Patrick McGrath story. This landmark edition follows the adventures of young...

Price: £1,300.00 From teNeues
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Some Like It Hot | Gifts For Her

Three's Company

Some Like It Hot

One of cinema's most revered comedy capers, Some Like It Hot sees Hollywood's finest take on drag, jazz and the mafia in one rip-roaring swoop. Having witnessed a mob hit,...

Price: £4.78 From Amazon
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Leon: Director's Cut | Gifts For Her

Licence To Kill

Leon: Director's Cut

This story of an unlikely partnership between an Italian hitman and a 12 year old orphan has become a modern classic and one of director Luc Besson's most critically lauded...

Price: £12.99 From Amazon
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Mulholland Drive | Gifts For Her

Mull It Over

Mulholland Drive

"A love story in the city of dreams" with more than a hint of film noir and a generous dollop of confusion; David Lynch bewilders and beguiles his audience with the...

Price: £4.93 From Amazon
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Downton Abbey: Series 1 & 2 Box Set | Gifts For Her

Upstairs Downstairs

Downton Abbey: Series 1 & 2 Box Set

Downton Abbey tells the story of  Lord Crawley and life in his magnificent household in the years leading up to World War 1. For the family upstairs, their lives are...

Price: £28.99 From Play.com
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Pedro Almodovar Collection | Gifts For Her

La Locura

Pedro Almodovar Collection

This box set from Pedro Almodóvar includes four of his more recent movies, each dealing with varying themes related to the hedonism and self-discovery which characterised...

Price: £10.77 From Amazon
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Lars And The Real Girl | Gifts For Her

Even Better Than The Real Thing

Lars And The Real Girl

Depicting an emotionally fragile young man who uses a life-like doll as a coping mechanism to deal with the effects of his difficult upbringing; Lars And The Real Girl is an...

Price: £3.97 From Amazon
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Lost In Translation | Gifts For Her

Lost And Found

Lost In Translation

An exploration of loneliness and alienation through the intersecting lives of an unlikely pair in Tokyo; Lost In Translation won the hearts of audiences and critics, as well as...

Price: £3.95 From Amazon
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Mad Men Seasons 1-4 Box Set | Gifts For Men

Ad, Mad And Dangerous To Know

Mad Men Seasons 1-4 Box Set

Live the slick style, bouffant hair-dos, chain smoking, afternoon Martinis and (the now) politically incorrect culture of 60's Madison Avenue from a safe distance with the...

Price: £46.99 From Play.com
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'Into The Wild' | Gifts For Men


'Into The Wild'

"Into the Wild" is Séan Penn's successful adaptation of Jon Krakauer's bestselling book of the same name. It sees, protagonist, Christopher McCandless...

Price: £3.99 From Amazon
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Goodbye Lenin! DVD | Gifts For Men

Auf Wiedersehen...

Goodbye Lenin! DVD

Set in East Berlin 1989 during the last months of Germany's division Goodbye Lenin! is a comically bittersweet portrayal of the era of the wall and the varying generations who...

Price: £5.73 From Amazon
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The Woody Allen Collection - Vol. 1 | Gifts For Men

New York, I Love You

The Woody Allen Collection - Vol. 1

The pioneer of intelligent comedy; Woody Allen transformed 70s and 80s cinema with his hilarious and self-reflective homages to love, sex, human ineptitude and his cherished New...

Price: £12.89 From Amazon
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The Graduate: Collector's Edition | Gifts For Men

Just The Robinsons' Affair

The Graduate: Collector's Edition

Nominated for six Academy Awards in 1967 and winning for Best Director; never before had seduction, naivety and post-college uncertainty been so darkly funny. The Graduate saw...

Price: £5.49 From Play.com
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The West Wing: The Complete Box Set | Gifts For Men

Dear Mr President

The West Wing: The Complete Box Set

This is addiction in its finest form, award winning entertainment but with a free education thrown in to banish the guilt associated with excessive couch potato behaviour....

Price: £49.99 From Play.com
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'Sorry!' Series 1 and 2 DVD | Gifts For Couples

The Hardest Word

'Sorry!' Series 1 and 2 DVD

A classic British sitcom starring Ronnie Corbett, Sorry! centres around the life of Timothy Lumsden, a forty something Librarian who still lives at home with his mother. Unable...

Price: £3.97 From Amazon
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'Romeo And Juliet' by Baz Luhrmann DVD | Gifts For Kids

Bad Romance

'Romeo And Juliet' by Baz Luhrmann DVD

Australian Director Baz Luhrmann's music video style rendering of the Shakespearean classic won hearts and minds when it was released in 1996. Starring a young Leonardo DiCaprio...

Price: £3.85 From Amazon

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