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Gifts For Her

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What do women want? It's an age old question, but we're pretty sure we've found the answer! Check out these fabulous gifts for her- we've found perfect presents for women of all ages.


How to buy brilliant gifts for her

At times women can appear inexplicably upset, appalled or even down right boggled at our telepathic short-comings if we fail to deliver the goods. If mind-reading is not your forte, it’s important to listen out for cryptic clues or cleverly dropped hints in the run-up to a special occasion. If you still have no idea whatsoever, then stick to our basic rules when buying gifts for women.


Whether it’s a birthday treat, a Christmas gift or a random surprise, women love to be pampered. Treat her by choosing thoughtful gifts that she would never splurge on herself.


Gifts for her - what not to buy

For wives, live-in girlfriends or mothers, cleaning products or practical household items should be avoided at all costs, lest you want that new compost bin, as well as its putrid contents, thrown at your head in the midst of a heated row! When buying gifts for her, it’s much safer to go for something heart-felt and indulgent that will make her smile.


Gym memberships and weight loss products are an absolute no-no. No matter what she asks you, she always looks great and NO, her thighs definitely do not look big in her new figure hugging skirt/jeans/bandage dress. Cute work-out clothes and sports accessories are only acceptable gifts for her if she’s already the sporty type and won’t be insulted by the suggestion that she could do with some exercise that doesn’t involve an arm and a T.V. remote.


Gifts for her- presentation is everything.

While we know it’s the thought that counts, but when buying gifts for her unless you are under 10 and can produce a home-made gift that will reduce her to a heap of sentimental goo, make her present look expensive. This can be achieved by actually buying something pricey or dressing it up with either lashings of good quality paper or a pretty box, covered in silk ribbons to make it look as extravagant as possible. Like the lady herself, she won’t be able to resist beautiful things.

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Vera Wang

Vera Wang "Love Knots" Candle

This beautiful candle was designed by Vera Wang as part of the label's Love Knots collection for Wedgewood. It features a silver-plated base and lid, with an intricate knot...

Price: £40.00 From Selfridges & Co Ltd
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'Live Laugh Love' Scrabble Art | Gifts For Her

'Live Laugh Love' Scrabble Art

This is a perfect gift for somebody special you know, who lives, laughs and loves. The tiles are mounted on to a classic cream mount and put in to a lovely white frame.

Price: £49.00 From Scrabble Art
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Personalised Scrabble Tile Art | Gifts For Her

Personalised Scrabble Tile Art

Construct a special message from Scrabble tiles and frame it to hang on a wall at home. A quirky and fun way to make sure that special someone gets the message.

Price: £64.00 From Scrabble Art
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Rustic Paisley Jug Vase | Gifts For Her

Rustic Paisley Jug Vase

A beautiful jug for displaying beautiful flowers. Bring rustic French charm to your house with this intricate jug that will make a great addition to any home.

Price: £16.00 From BRISSI
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Offer Gingerlily Silk-Filled Pillow | Gifts For Her

Gingerlily Silk-Filled Pillow

This silk-filled pillow from Gingerlily is soft and luxurious, and with a firm, dense body it provides necessary support to the head and neck, ensuring you get all the beauty...

Price: Was £99.00 Now £79.00 From Selfridges & Co Ltd
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Traditional French Rattan Basket | Gifts For Her

Traditional French Rattan Basket

Add some traditional French flair to your abode with these beautifully crafted rattan baskets. Perfect for storing your laundry, toys or sewing paraphernalia, they are as...

Price: £155.00 From Summerill & Bishop
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100% Lambswool Throw | Gifts For Her

100% Lambswool Throw

Cuddle up with one of theses sumptious herringbone throws from JH Trousseau in 100% lambswool. Woven in Scotland, these gorgeous throws are versatile and suitable for all...

Price: £250.00 From JH Trousseau by Josephine Home
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Bone China Initial Mugs | Gifts For Her

Bone China Initial Mugs

Made from fine bone china, these elegant initial mugs are individually hand decorated with the letter of your choice. Each features a different design, meaning they look...

Price: £12.00 From The Letteroom
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A-Z Scrabble Mugs | Gifts For Her

A-Z Scrabble Mugs

You'll never scrabble around the cupboard looking for a cup again when you have your own with  your initial or favorite letter on it. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Price: £6.95 From Bloomsbury Store
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Ribbed Cashmere Hot Water Bottle Cover | Gifts For Her

A Good Ribbing

Ribbed Cashmere Hot Water Bottle Cover

For those not in possession of a man to keep them warm at night, or who live with men who do not believe in central heating, the only sollution is a hot water bottle. This...

Price: £79.00 From Brora
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'Rock Around The Clock' Poster | Gifts For Her


'Rock Around The Clock' Poster

This vintage poster of the hit 50s teen movie even features Bill Haley and his Comets, the very band said to have first launched the rock and roll craze on America's youth....

Price: £5.99 From Amazon
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Tea For Two Biscuit Tin  | Gifts For Her

A Biscuit Made For Two

Tea For Two Biscuit Tin

There's nothing we like more than a traditional afternoon tea, complete with cucumber sandwiches and scones with lashings of strawberry jam and clotted cream. On the other hand,...

Price: £37.50 From Biscuiteers
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Vintage Poster Art Print 'Stop Sign, Woman Driver' by Anonymous | Gifts For Her

Get The Show On The Road

Vintage Poster Art Print 'Stop Sign, Woman Driver' by Anonymous

Maybe it doesn't do women's driving much justice but it will do wonders for a bare wall. This perky 40s print is perfect for any lover of all things vintage or for newly...

Price: £6.44 From Amazon
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The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook | Gifts For Her

Flutter Food

The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook

Make her kitchen a hub of all things delicious and divine with the mouth-watering Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook. With 60 recipes from London's sweet treat mecca, she'll be spoilt...

Price: £11.00 From Amazon
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Tea Palace 'The Book Of Tea' Gift | Gifts For Her

Me Time

Tea Palace 'The Book Of Tea' Gift

If you know someone who likes nothing better than to curl up in their favourite comfy armchair with a good book and a steaming cuppa, then they'll surely appreciate this...

Price: £25.99 From Selfridges & Co Ltd
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D.L. & CO ‘Cassis’ Rare Botanic Candle | Gifts For Her

Like A Moth To The Flame

D.L. & CO ‘Cassis’ Rare Botanic Candle

From the 'modern alchemists and purveyors of curious goods', D.L. & Co's exquisitely packaged rare botanic candle envelopes its surroundings with the seductive aroma of...

Price: £55.00 From Browns

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