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Gifts For Her

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What do women want? It's an age old question, but we're pretty sure we've found the answer! Check out these fabulous gifts for her- we've found perfect presents for women of all ages.


How to buy brilliant gifts for her

At times women can appear inexplicably upset, appalled or even down right boggled at our telepathic short-comings if we fail to deliver the goods. If mind-reading is not your forte, it’s important to listen out for cryptic clues or cleverly dropped hints in the run-up to a special occasion. If you still have no idea whatsoever, then stick to our basic rules when buying gifts for women.


Whether it’s a birthday treat, a Christmas gift or a random surprise, women love to be pampered. Treat her by choosing thoughtful gifts that she would never splurge on herself.


Gifts for her - what not to buy

For wives, live-in girlfriends or mothers, cleaning products or practical household items should be avoided at all costs, lest you want that new compost bin, as well as its putrid contents, thrown at your head in the midst of a heated row! When buying gifts for her, it’s much safer to go for something heart-felt and indulgent that will make her smile.


Gym memberships and weight loss products are an absolute no-no. No matter what she asks you, she always looks great and NO, her thighs definitely do not look big in her new figure hugging skirt/jeans/bandage dress. Cute work-out clothes and sports accessories are only acceptable gifts for her if she’s already the sporty type and won’t be insulted by the suggestion that she could do with some exercise that doesn’t involve an arm and a T.V. remote.


Gifts for her- presentation is everything.

While we know it’s the thought that counts, but when buying gifts for her unless you are under 10 and can produce a home-made gift that will reduce her to a heap of sentimental goo, make her present look expensive. This can be achieved by actually buying something pricey or dressing it up with either lashings of good quality paper or a pretty box, covered in silk ribbons to make it look as extravagant as possible. Like the lady herself, she won’t be able to resist beautiful things.

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Donna Wilson Owl Cushion | Gifts For Her

Donna Wilson Owl Cushion

This handmade lambswool knitted cushion is beautifully emblazoned a with red owl. It is composed of 100% lambswool with duck feather cushion pad. The piece is also available in...

Price: €70.00 (approx. £61.25) From No Fixed Abode
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Fox & Cubs Mug | Gifts For Her

Fox & Cubs Mug

This beautiful fine bone china mug is decorated in red and black on white with rich pure gold lustre detail. Not only does it look pretty, it's a generous size for a nice cuppa.

Price: €15.00 (approx. £13.13) From No Fixed Abode
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Keith Brymer Jones

Keith Brymer Jones "Tea" Jar

This sleek tea storage jar is part of Keith Brymer Jones' contemporary word range collection. Made from super-white porcelain, the word "tea" is inlaid on the base in...

Price: £20.00 From MAKE International
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Yoyo Ceramics Butter Dish | Gifts For Her

Yoyo Ceramics Butter Dish

Is that plastic? No, it isn't! It's a range of ceramic products that are reminiscent of classic Tupperware. Available in yellow, orange, petrol blue or mint green. Size: 13.5 x...

Price: €30.00 (approx. £26.25) From No Fixed Abode
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Rustic Paisley Jug Vase | Gifts For Her

Rustic Paisley Jug Vase

A beautiful jug for displaying beautiful flowers. Bring rustic French charm to your house with this intricate jug that will make a great addition to any home.

Price: £16.00 From BRISSI
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Offer Gingerlily Silk-Filled Pillow | Gifts For Her

Gingerlily Silk-Filled Pillow

This silk-filled pillow from Gingerlily is soft and luxurious, and with a firm, dense body it provides necessary support to the head and neck, ensuring you get all the beauty...

Price: Was £99.00 Now £79.00 From Selfridges & Co Ltd
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Exckusive Bags Cushion | Gifts For Her

Exckusive Bags Cushion

For the girl who loves bags! A beautiful Parisian cushionn with a great bag design and a back cover that closes with satin ribbons.

Price: €25.00 (approx. £21.88) From The Homebarn
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Birdy Jug | Gifts For Her

Birdy Jug

This quirky hand-painted jug was created by Hannah Turner. It will certianly add a dash of colour and character to your breakfast table.

Price: €20.00 (approx. £17.50) From No Fixed Abode
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Traditional French Rattan Basket | Gifts For Her

Traditional French Rattan Basket

Add some traditional French flair to your abode with these beautifully crafted rattan baskets. Perfect for storing your laundry, toys or sewing paraphernalia, they are as...

Price: £155.00 From Summerill & Bishop
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Alexander McQueen Skull Cushion | Gifts For Her

Alexander McQueen Skull Cushion

Furnish your house or bedroom with The Rug Company's Alexander McQueen skull print cushion.

Price: £385.00 From NET-A-PORTER
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"Dainty Dishes for Slender Incomes" Book

Don't be constrained by your budget! Money-saving ideas, well-tried recipes and hints worth remembering are aplenty in this handy book.

Price: £5.50 From Copper Beech Publishing
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Orla Kiely Poppy Meadow Teapot - Brown | Gifts For Her

Orla Kiely Poppy Meadow Teapot - Brown

This stylish retro teapot is instantly recognisable as an Orla Kiely design. This makes a great designer gift that won't break the bank and will delight any houseproud tea-lover.

Price: £55.00 From Bloomsbury Store
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Orla Kiely Multi-Stem Bread Bin | Gifts For Her

Orla Kiely Multi-Stem Bread Bin

This beautiful bread bin is instantly recognisable as an Orla Kiely design. The retro leaf print decorates a ceramic body and features a South American walnut lid. This piece...

Price: £75.00 From Heal's
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Exclusive Gallery Cushion | Gifts For Her

Exclusive Gallery Cushion

A great girly item for any room, this cushion was designed in France by Bonjour mon Coussin. It's a pretty light pink colour and the back cover closes with satin ribbons. An...

Price: €25.00 (approx. £21.88) From The Homebarn
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Hario Glass Loose Leaf Teapot | Gifts For Her

Hario Glass Loose Leaf Teapot

Hario in Japanese means The King of Glass, a name quite aptly chosen by this manufacturer, designers of products of the highest quality for general consumers and for industrial...

Price: £20.39 From Suki Tea
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Piero Fornasetti 'Bacio' (Kiss) Incense Set | Gifts For Her

Piero Fornasetti 'Bacio' (Kiss) Incense Set

This luxurious incense kit contains 40 incense sticks in a stylish wooden tray, and features Piero Fornasetti's wonderful 'Bacio' or 'Kiss' design on its ceramic lid. A...

Price: £125.00 From Selfridges & Co Ltd

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