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How To Buy A Gift For A New Boyfriend

You've only just met, but the sparks are flying. You have a feeling that he could be 'the one'. Then all of a sudden it's his birthday (or worse, Valentine's Day!).

You're faced with a dilemma: Is it too soon to buy him a gift, or is it the perfect opportunity to show him just how perfect you are for each other? Buying gifts for men is never easy, but finding the prefect new boyfriend gift is a whole other level of complicated. Here's our take on how to get it right.

Listen for clues

It's a cliché, but it really is the thought that counts. An inexpensive but thoughtful gift will trump an expensive but unwanted one every time. Being a good listener helps. Keep your ears peeled for hints and think about what he would like, rather that what you would like, or worse, what you'd like him to like.

Substitute creativity for cash

If you haven't been together that long, err on the side of caution and keep it cheap. To impress him without sending him running for the hills you need to substitute creativity for cash. If you feel the need to make an extravagant gesture, do so on something that involves you both like taking him to a must-see gig or a fabulous restaurant.

Don't scare him off

You may think a personalised Monopoly Board featuring the place you first met, the place you first kissed, etc is cute, but trust us, he won't.

New Boyfriend Gifts - Birthday

Make no mistake, any gift you give at the beginning of a relationship is loaded with meaning. It's not just your taste that's being tested, but your judgement too. Stick with well chosen classic gifts like a great book or spoil him with an extravagant birthday cake (cheesy candles obligatory). Under no circumstances buy him tickets to a gig that's on in 6 months time- it implies that you assume that you'll still be together, (which one way to ensure that you won't be).

New Boyfriend Gifts - Christmas

Please, please, please walk away from the socks, boxer shorts and worst of all toiletry 'gift sets' from your local pharmacy. It screams of 'I picked this up at the last minute' and worse, he'll be reeking of cheap aftershave for weeks to come. Try to think about what his interests are and take it from there. For example if he's into music, get him some uber cool headphones, or if he likes football Nike iD offer customised football jerseys. Impress a movie aficionado with a classic movie poster, think Saul Bass style (an Italian or Japanese version adds extra kudos), or a gadget freak will love the Sanctuary Charging station. If all else fails you'll never go wrong with a classic box of Scrabble.

New Boyfriend Gifts - Valentine's Day

Call us old fashioned, but we like to leave it to the boys to make the extravagant gestures on Valentine's Day. The trick is to let him know you're interested without appearing too keen. We particularly love this eco friendly 'carve your own' Valentine's Card as you can customise it with your own message. After all, who doesn't love getting a card on Valentine's Day? Or if you really want to impress him why not knit him a scarf? (If you don't know where to start there are kits with 'how-to' instructions, if you get into trouble you can always get your mum to finish it). Keep it light and stay away from anything that implies you are planning a future together yet. Also beware of gifts that make declarations like this Mary Fellow 'I Wonder Do You Think About Me As Much As I Think About You' print too soon. He will be thinking about you, it's just that he may be thinking about the best way to dump you.

New Boyfriend Gifts - New job/ Promotion/ Does something great

Stay away from anything too extravagant or personal. So no briefcases or watches and most definitely no framed photo of you for his desk! These chocolate cigars from Rococo Chocolates strike the right celebratory note without being too over the top, or this Moustache Mug is practical and will put more than a smile on his face.

Always remember:

Stay away from anything his mother would buy him.
Buy something that reflects where your relationship is now, rather than where you would like it to be in future.
Don't buy something that implies you want to change him.
Don't give anything with an obvious monetary value. (No gift vouchers!)
Don't be above doing a bit of internet snooping. If you're not sure what bands he's into, just check his Facebook page.
If you have any concerns over whether it's a bad idea or not, it probably is.


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