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18th Birthday Ideas For Girls

Long gone are the dolls and plastic kitchen sets, the crayons and the colouring books. Make her 18th birthday special with an 18th birthday gift she'll treasure.

You still have to remind her to clean her room, and she still rolls her eyes every time you remind her to be careful. She's grown up faster than you wanted her to, but it seems like every day she is becoming more independent and turning into the young woman she was meant to be. Show her just how proud you are with a 'grown up' 18th birthday gift that marks her transition into young womanhood.

18th Birthday Ideas For Girls - Gifts Under £50

Spoil your daughter on her special day with some very girly essentials. Maybe if you let her have her own, she will stop using yours!

18th Birthday Ideas For GIrls - Gifts From £50 - £100

Although at times it may have seemed against all the odds, she has grown into a beautiful young lady, a fact that should be duly celebrated!. Whether it's hanging on her wall or on her ears, let your 18th birthday gift be a reminder of how loved she is.

18th Birthday Ideas For Girls - Gifts From £100 - £500

Go ahead and splurge! These classic 18th birthday gifts will be enjoyed for many birthdays to come.

18th Birthday Ideas For Girls - Gifts Over £500

You only turn 18 once, right? If you really want to spoil her, we've found just the thing...

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