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Art, Prints & Photography Gifts

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A piece of art is something you enjoy every day. They say a picture tells a thousand words. Check out these wonderful works of art, prints and photographs for an eloquent and beautiful art gift they'll treasure for years to come.


Art Gifts

If there are no words, say it with a picture. Chosen well, a gift of art is something they will enjoy every day. However there is 'an art' to buying art gifts! Make sure your art gift is picture-perfect by doing your homework before you buy. Find out which artists they admire and check out how they have decorated their home. If it's all antiques and chinz, chances are they're not going to appreciate a Damien Hirst! If they already have an art collection, choose a piece you can imagine fitting in with the work they all have.


Photography Gifts

Photography is really growing in popularity and can be a lot more affordable than works on canvas, making it a great option for gift-givers on a budget. For a 'snap happy' photography gift they will instantly click with, choose an image that has a special connection or meaning to the person you are giving it to.

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"Everyone Gets Lonely" Print

When the heart-shaped hell of Valentine's Day is getting you down, let this print give you solace. When you're feeling lonely, you can feel assured you're not the only one.

Price: £50.00 From Design Supremo
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"I would rather be..." Queen Elizabeth I Poster

If the single life is good enough for royalty, then it is good enough for you. Content yourself with the fact that Elizabeth I was an anti-Valentine too.

Price: £11.35 From Zazzle
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Damien Hirst Skateboard Deck | Gifts For Men

Damien Hirst Skateboard Deck

You don't need to be a sk8er boi to appreciate this Custom printed Damien Hirst skateboard deck. Stamped with signature and available in editions of 40 signed boards, for any...

Price: £480.00 From Other Criteria
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Official Justin Bieber Calendar 2012  | Gifts For Kids

Official Justin Bieber Calendar 2012

Have a Justin Bieber filled 2012 with this official Justin Bieber 2012 calendar.

Price: £5.59 From Amazon
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Art of Sketching | Gifts For Men

Art of Sketching

Learn the art of sketching with illustrated close ups of work, strategies, controlling linear drawing, shadows,tones and everything else an art novice could need to know.

Price: £12.99 From Fred Aldous
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Bespoke Name Canvas  | Gifts For Her


Bespoke Name Canvas

These pretty pieces of art will make a cool gift for any trendy teen. Available in two designs, each sports colourful vintage flair and what's more, they can be customised with...

Price: £40.00 From Not On The High Street
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1950s Pin-up Girl Calendar Art | Gifts For Men


1950s Pin-up Girl Calendar Art

This saucy calendar girl print is just the thing to brighten up bare white walls. Hang in the bedroom or the bathroom for a cheeky nod to the pin-ups of yesteryear. Beats the...

Price: £5.99 From Amazon
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"Casablanca" Movie Poster

This vintage poster from the iconic film will make the perfect gift for any classic movie buff.

Price: £7.99 From Amazon
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1920s Marmite Print | Gifts For Couples


1920s Marmite Print

Love it or hate it, Marmite always generates quite a reaction. "For health and good cooking..." certainly; but for passionate food based arguments too.

Price: £5.99 From Amazon
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"Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" Poster Art

Whether gentlemen really do prefer blondes, or diamonds are in fact a girl's best friend, remains to be seen. One thing she can be sure of is the glitz and vintage glamour this...

Price: £5.99 From Amazon
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1960s Brut Aftershave Print | Gifts For Men


1960s Brut Aftershave Print

Tell it like it is with this coolly kitsch 60s Brut advert. Just in case he didn't know that he's your brute in shining armour.

Price: £5.99 From Amazon
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'Rock Around The Clock' Poster | Gifts For Her


'Rock Around The Clock' Poster

This vintage poster of the hit 50s teen movie even features Bill Haley and his Comets, the very band said to have first launched the rock and roll craze on America's youth....

Price: £5.99 From Amazon
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Clockwork Orange Print | Gifts For Men

Like Clockwork

Clockwork Orange Print

A vivid print of the cult novel and film's striking artwork; mounted anywhere, it's sure to grab the attention of bookworms, film buffs and droogs alike.

Price: £6.59 From Amazon
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Offer Mickey Mouse by Andy Warhol | Gifts For Her

Mouse About The House

Mickey Mouse by Andy Warhol

The only mouse that anyone would willingly welcome in to their house; Disney's Mickey coupled with the legendary Andy Warhol, equals a pop art combination made in pop culture...

Price: Was £29.00 Now £24.00 From Art Republic
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'Let's Play' Deborah Azzopardi | Gifts For Her


'Let's Play' Deborah Azzopardi

A naughty gift for a friend's new home or something to show that Toyboy exactly what you think of him; Deborah Azzopardi's vibrant print will, to say the least, be quite the...

Price: £38.00 From Art Republic
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Lennon & McCartney: Giclee Signed Limited Edition by Simon Dixon | Gifts For Men

Two Of Us

Lennon & McCartney: Giclee Signed Limited Edition by Simon Dixon

Creating visually arresting pieces predominantly inspired by popular culture and rock n' roll; Britain's leading pop artist Simon Dixon knows how to capture an idol. To stunning...

Price: £322.00 From Art Republic

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